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t5 caravelle seat rails

24-04-10, 06:07
Set of rails for sale on ebay


29-04-10, 07:48
:eek: 550 H:

29-04-10, 07:56
:eek: 550 H:

About the going rate I think.

I paid over 100 each for the outside single rails from vw.

Couldn't find a set in this country at the time. (And now one turns up less that 30 miles away...... Typical:()


30-04-10, 16:25
This set up is about 1200 quid at vw and I had to get them from Poland (not personally) cos they are like rocking horse s**t. Anyway they are sold now. If anyone does want the part numbers for the rails and bolts give me a shout