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Granada Cosworth Alloy Wheels

Jim Doodle
27-05-10, 09:05
I spotted these wheel sin eBay, and wondered whether they would be suitable, they are pretty small 16s, i but i believe that they have the same PCD?


27-05-10, 10:15
yep they should fit i had a set fitted t my t25 although i had to open up the centre bore to accomadate for the larger 57.1 hub T:

27-05-10, 20:19
yep,munch is right.centre bore needs work.

Jim Doodle
28-05-10, 06:48
We'll see how the price goes but for a quick drill a pretty nice wheel :)

general lee
28-05-10, 08:23
i havent seen some of them in a while they look ok though :ILU::ILU::cool: