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Single seat base - 35 + P&P

Rhosneigr Gaz
15-03-08, 08:04
Have one single Black seat base available at 35

Would estimate 15 to post as they are HEAVY!!

Anyone want one??

I wanted 2 but got sticked on the other one so selling this! (Complicated!)

Rhosneigr Gaz
16-03-08, 13:40
40 posted anyone?

16-03-08, 14:45
Do you know if this will fit a passenger side 2003?

Is so i'll take it off your hands


Rhosneigr Gaz
16-03-08, 14:57
Yes it will and Rob90210 is coming here next weekend so 30 to u delivered to Gee Cross,

Hows that sound????

Rhosneigr Gaz
16-03-08, 16:59
That was a bit of an assumption on my part Rob, cheecky git arent I????

16-03-08, 19:50
Nice work lads

Gaz let me know how you want your readies.

Rob give us a shout when you're about and I'll come over to collect

Cheers again all T:

Rhosneigr Gaz
16-03-08, 19:53
30 paypal'd to [email protected] would do the trick!!!

16-03-08, 20:20
Payment sent Gaz

Just need a couple of Fasp swivels and some slight mods and my new Type R seats will being taking good care of my ass:ILU:

Rhosneigr Gaz
16-03-08, 20:52
Dude u paid me twice, paypal'd u 30 back!

16-03-08, 22:52
Cheers Rob, will give you a buzz after easter