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just bought one of these

16-07-10, 21:53

19-07-10, 18:50
was thinking about these as an option for mine, I had a bongo and thats the best thing about them..the seating system is pretty great :) especially for that money! Think Iam going for a R&R so I can still get my boards in the van though :O)

post a pic if you get chanceT:

nasty nick
19-07-10, 19:06
Check out my build thread of what can be done with them:ILU:

19-07-10, 20:01
Looks amazing mate :O)

19-07-10, 20:56
Done this in mine about 3 years ago still going strong really like them cost 45 for everything even seatbelts plastics the lot I:

20-07-10, 13:00
Just bought a set for my t4, going down to collect today. Spent a butt load on them so I hope they rock.

10-08-10, 13:51
ive got a one in the back of mine they do the job

11-08-10, 09:02
Same as,well made too T: