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1.9TD Engine Spares Code ABL

18-07-10, 13:19
I have for sale a selection of engine spares from my

1996 T4 Transporter 1.9TD 800 Special,

Engine Code ABL.

The van had covered about 195k when the Crank Pulley sheared from the Crank Shaft as the previous owner changed the Cam Belt but did not replace the Crank Pulley Bolt.

DO NOT make this mistake, they are single use stretch bolts and only cost 2.16 from Volkswagen.

Mine cost me an Engine.

Other than the obvious, the Engine was good and I have sold several parts from it (Block, Turbo, Injection Pump, Pulleys Manifold etc.), below is the list of what I have left;

Oil Filler Pipe & Cap
Dip Stick & Sheath
Rocker Cover
4 x Pistons
End Shells
Oil Pump
Oil Pump Pulley & Axle
Water Pump & Pulley
Power Steering Pump
Power Steering Pulley
Engine Mounting Brackets
Inlet Manifold
Thermostat Flange
Cam Belt Sheild Plate
There are a coulpe of other Plates & Pipes but I don't know what they are called & I can't remember where they came from.
I also have the Complete Head including 10 x Head Bolts, Injectors, Injection Lines, Cam Shaft & Pulley, Valves etc. Though this may need some work due to the nature of the failure (i.e- replace / reseat valves) but the pressure was fine before.
I have the Crank Shaft, but it still has one of the locating dowels lodged in the end so it will need some work if it's repairable.
I also have most of the Bolts although they are slightly worn, all mixed up & I can't remember which ones go with what, so if you would like them let me know what you require (Diameter / Length / Head Type) and I will see if I can fish them out of the pot.
I don't know the value of any of these parts (if any) and I'm not looking for millions, so if you are interested then message me with an offer and I will list the specific item for you.

I am happy to ship anything although costs for the heavy stuff will be quite high.

More photos / details are available on request, so any other questions just message me, the dibb

19-07-10, 17:46
Forgot to say, if any of these parts are not worth selling could one of you van gurus let me know so I can just skip them, not a mechanic see & I don't know all the dos and don'ts.
Cheers, thedibb
(p.s: the 'list specific item' reference is cus I copied this from my evil bay listing. Just message me if you want aout & we'll get it sorted). Nice :cool:

19-07-10, 21:14

Do you have any heater pipes still (the ones that go into heater matrix from engine bay (one has a valve/screw on it)????

20-07-10, 11:27
Why is this not in the parts for sale section?

23-09-10, 14:52
I'm looking for an oil filter/cooler flange for a 1.9TD ABL code motor. Any chance you can help out?

23-09-10, 14:56
Where abouts are you? Possibly interested in the Head.


19-10-10, 22:51
Ill Have the flywheel. In cornwall but will pay for courier and time. Tel.07875694089.

Jeremiah Johnson
01-11-10, 22:45
oil pump sump and oil pick up and engine mount needed

04-11-10, 21:12
Hello Mate,

I'm after the oil filler and cap .

Cheers jaycee T:

07-11-10, 08:16
Check the date on this fellas, all gone now. Cheers

29-11-10, 08:49
If the Diesel pump is a good one ,how much posted ?.

Please pm me a reply ...