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my kayak

Chuffin Hell
07-08-10, 14:18

need to sell dudes anyone interested

07-08-10, 18:37
Would have had this off you bud but its a bally long way to pick up from :(

07-08-10, 18:42

07-08-10, 19:45
Nice!! T:
Im after one too but again way to far :(
Good luck with the sale :ILU:

07-08-10, 20:07
If it don't go on fleabay, try it on classifieds on ukriversguidebook. usually have a good success rate on there.

Chuffin Hell
07-08-10, 23:19
Thx jimbo cheap enuff got 7 watchers should go t:

08-08-10, 15:29
Funny old thing tho - my mate just texted me and ses he is after a kayak, paddle etc! Bloody typical. If it doesnt sell, PM me and I'll see if he wants it.