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Merc ML Wheels

West Stabbo Customs
21-03-08, 15:59
set of 4 17 Merc ML Wheels tyres will need changing unless you want the monster truck look H: 100

West Stabbo Customs
24-03-08, 17:26
Really nice looking wheels

24-03-08, 17:39
got any pics , may look good on my syncro :ILU:

West Stabbo Customs
24-03-08, 18:12
Tyres are 275/55/17 2with about 6mm and 2 with about 4 but the inner edges have worn

26-03-08, 20:15
nice wheels

26-03-08, 22:22
are these a direct bolt on jobbie?

West Stabbo Customs
26-03-08, 23:30
Yep A:A:A:A:A:A:

27-03-08, 16:51
you will need spigot rings and probably spacers?? although maybe lying about the spacers but my ml wheels have an offset of 52.


West Stabbo Customs
27-03-08, 19:48
I've got ML wheels on another van without spacers or spigot rings and they are fine

27-03-08, 22:48
ah cool, i apologise. Any chance of some pics. mine have been sitting in the garage for a very long time as thought I needed spacers.


(sorry to hijack thread)

30-03-08, 19:32
Nope you dont need spigot rings or spacers for those wheels

31-03-08, 08:37
Check the offset, they vary on the 'Tegmen' wheel (this shape) which comes in both 16 and 17".

West Stabbo Customs
03-04-08, 20:48
These are gonna look awesome on someones van :ILU: