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LED lights for your interior

RaCiNg SnAkE
08-09-10, 17:32
I've just bought a set of these from ebay and there are a couple of sets left:


They appear to be the same ones that are currently out of stock at T4's R Us

08-09-10, 17:43
these are beltin , I'v got some just what you need to get back and to from the toilets /pub in the dark!

08-09-10, 17:46
They run off batt or 12v??

08-09-10, 19:19
Thanks for the information T:, they look great so I just bought a set :D.

08-09-10, 21:51
wow,how much,these are only 8 something for a pair at costco,thet are good though,we have a pair in our van,glad i have a costco card though.

RaCiNg SnAkE
08-09-10, 22:54
They run off batt or 12v??

Batteries (included in the auction I believe)