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2.4d engine rebuild

01-11-07, 14:52
My 2.4 D has not been right since I bought it

there is oil in the water

it sounds like it's missing on one cylinder (to me)

it looses water

it pressurises the expansion bottle (even when cold)

now it wont start (without a squirt from 'easy start' (wow that's good stuff ! ))

so ... I am thinking of doing a proppa strip down and recon jobby

head skim - valve job - rings and shells etc

anyone ever done one ?

I have never worked on a diesel before - so am worried about the pump timing

is it as bad as the stories ? or is it just nuts and bolts - like a petrol engine ?

anyone know whats involved with a propper engine job ?

Pump ? injectors ?

diesel is new to me !

01-11-07, 20:57
just done mine.

New head gasket. make sure you get a decent one.
New head bolts.
May as well do piston rings and bearing shells.
Sumps but tricky. two hidden bolts up through hols in flywhell cover.
locking the engine to do the crank bolt up to the huuge torque is tricky. did mine lump of wood with the sump still off.

01-11-07, 20:59
piston rings depend on how many miles. sounds like ya gasket gone. defo get it skimmed too.

01-11-07, 21:26
Cheers P8 :ILU:

its got about 160K on it , which is nothing for these engines . but I dont know how its been looked after. came with full service stamps - but I think they are fake :confused:

been nothing but trouble since I had it. Replace the rad and thermostat and glow plugs. still hard to start - now wont start at all

supposidly the head gasket has just been done (got reciept) - but I am not sure

I also though I might get away with re-torqing the head up.

I just thought, the rings and shells wouldn't be much more trouble once the head is off ?

02-11-07, 21:20
you may as well do the rings and shells. not too tricky. does sound like the gasket has gone. well worth getting skimmed too.

mine cost a lot becuase i had to get a reconditioned head as mine was knacked. take head off and have a look. dont worry about small cracks between the inlet outlet ports as the aab's are well known for it

05-11-07, 15:10
ok - started today - got the grille / rad out - rocker cover off - hoses off etc etc

o/s headlight nearly out (penetrating oil on the last bolt ! )

gonna take the head off and check the gasket 1st.

got a quote for £2 each for testing the injectors (not bad I thought)

compression test was gonna be £80 so didn't bother !

pump test will be about £130 - so wont bother (yet) !

gonna do a quick head job (ooh err ;) ) and see how it goes over winter. The van is my daily, so I will get another on the road before I dissalbe this one !

gonna read the book next to see what is what. one thing I want to know is - is the exhaust coupled by them big spring clamps ? or do I need to take the manifold off at the head ?

ta for now


05-11-07, 22:10
thats all made for interesing reading, thanks..... i have a simular prob with mine apart from mine wont even start as starter seized solid! think engines shot but heres for hopeing! lol

06-11-07, 07:20
couple with the two ***stard clamps. a right pain the first time i did them. borrowed a proper tool the secound time to get the back on.

06-11-07, 09:22
what does the 'proper' tool look like ? I might make one !

06-11-07, 10:33
s'ok ! I borrowed one :)

06-11-07, 10:43
what does the 'proper' tool look like ? I might make one !http://www.4crawler.com/Diesel/CheapTricks/index.shtml#ExhaustClampTool

06-11-07, 16:57

Ta !

21-11-07, 15:13
T4 2.4d 5 pot

finally got the head off today (suspect head gasket! )

so here are some pics, as the head came off - then a bit of a wipe, then the gasget on edge - seems shimmed ? (and sharp - ouch ! )

anyway - have a look and see what you think :)

should I just replace the gasket ? or check anythin else too ?

I_ will be checking the head with a straight edge.









21-11-07, 18:57
looks okay. looks better than mine when it came off

22-11-07, 17:16
a few pics of the head

cyl 1 clean - cracked


cyl2 clean - cracked


cyl's 3,4,5 all corroded ! ? ! and again cracked


any ideas why 3,4,5 are corroded ?

is bottom right of the last pic a poss leak ?

also - the head was 'apparently' skimmed last year - how quick could it get to look like this ?

I.E. I bought the van with FSH !!!! reciepts an everything !!!! but I think they was faked :(

I have already replaced the radiator and thermostat as it was overheating. cured that - but it dont look like its been properly maintained !

22-11-07, 17:19
oh yeah - how strict is the 'new head bolts' rule ?

23-11-07, 19:22
The cracks where a common problem with the 2.4d vag engines in the LT vans. There was a specified size allowed for the top of the crack (if this makes sense) ie outermost edge between the valves. As long as the crack wasnít deep or the valve seats loose the cylinder head was classed as usable.

I canít find the information on the sizes as I think it was in a workshop manual I donít have any more.

23-11-07, 20:52
agree with the cracks thing. if it has ever overheated then it does crack , but as its only between the ports it dont matter

23-11-07, 21:04
well - I had it pressure tested today, and I am now the proud owner of a boat anchor :eek:

anyone got a good 2.4 head ?

24-11-07, 09:08
nope but i bought a recon won for £400 ouch. then found if you conatct some of the sellers on ebay.de you can get a brand spanker delivered from de for £350

24-11-07, 09:39
ebay.de you can get a brand spanker delivered from de for £350

I saw one on de - it was exchange tho. still worth thinking about I guess.

I'm hoping to pick one up for about £100 - fit it and forget about it -- but it doesn't look likely :(

looking at 'other' engine options too. something a little less like hens teeth to get spares for !

24-11-07, 11:03
Try vwenginerecon.co.uk... they do cyl heads :ILU:

24-11-07, 11:10
Try vwenginerecon.co.uk... they do cyl heads :ILU:

cheers alfie.

I am gonna do the ringing round route on monday :)

see how much a bare casting is.

24-11-07, 16:01
Found this on ebay Germany.

http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fcgi.ebay.de%2FZylinderkop f-VW-T4-AAB-AJA-NEU-2-4-Diesel-Transporter_W0QQitemZ180183290003QQihZ008QQcategor yZ61369QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem&langpair=de%7Cen&hl=en&ie=UTF-8

Jeff (AAB owner)

24-11-07, 16:03
450.00 EUR = 324.346 GBP
Euro United Kingdom Pounds
1 EUR = 0.720770 GBP 1 GBP = 1.38741 EUR

24-11-07, 17:12
just had a PM off another forum and I managed to get this for £100

Hi i'm selling a 5 pot vw lt head it is a ali head and it was removed from a 2.4ltr diesel engine. we have had it skimmed and cleaned it has the injectors valves and glow plugs and cam shirft.

All very clean and ready to fit. i also have some other bits for the same engine.

part no- 074103 373 ] 353A

hope it fits :ohmy:

24-11-07, 20:12
I've been having a look at vagcat.com for this, LT's did have a 2.4d engine fitted, one problem thought they were six cylinder engines not five. It looks like they changed to the five cylinder in 97 which then was a 2.5.

I'm not saying that it won't fit, but I'd want to check it was the correct one before parting with the money.

24-11-07, 20:36
I've been having a look at vagcat.com for this, LT's did have a 2.4d engine fitted, one problem thought they were six cylinder engines not five. It looks like they changed to the five cylinder in 97 which then was a 2.5.

I'm not saying that it won't fit, but I'd want to check it was the correct one before parting with the money.

well it was listed as a 2.4d 5 pot so we will see - thanks for the heads up tho - I will do some checking :)

24-11-07, 22:50
Another thing the engine you have is an indirect injection engine, the combustion chamberís are in the cylinder head. Itís possible that the cylinder head youíre looking at is from a five cylinder LT which could be the newer direct injection engine where the combustion chambers are in the piston, something else to check.
A few pictures of the cylinder head should help to identify it.

25-11-07, 10:06
here is the link

it looks identical to mine.

the new ones on ebay.de dont have the combustion chambers in the head.

I have done some quick checking, and you are right - the LT2.4 was a 6 pot :confused:

I'm gonna have to contact the seller I think and see which part of the decription he got wrong !

25-11-07, 11:39
they look the same

mine is the top one


25-11-07, 11:39
From the pictures it looks like the right cylinder head as I think the injectors on the direct injection are clamped in where as the injectors on the indirect are screwed in. It could be that VW fitted this engine to a limited number of LTís before fitting the 2.5. It looks like youíve got yourself a bargain.

27-11-07, 18:45
thats the same head but thats what they look like skimmed. as this is what mine looks like now

28-11-07, 12:42
still trying to get post cost details from the seller :(

nearly a week gone past and no usefull contact from them

03-12-07, 08:23
Postage is usually about £20. you can arrange collection and delivery to your self , your self. googling it. i used a company that has a contract with all the major parcel places. cant rember the name now im afraid though.

03-12-07, 20:25
it arrived today - £26 for post, wich I was ok with.

the head itself though looks like it has sat outside for a bit :eek:

It was supposed to be ready to bolt on - but I am going to have to trip it and clean all the rust off etc :(

Ive just bought a granny estate to use for a bit and swapped the insurance over. I might even take the bottom end out now and fo the rings n shells n stuff.

while its off the road I'll do a proper camper conversion - then I think I will sell it !!!! had enough of this one

03-12-07, 20:27
oops - look at all that spelling !!!! who nicked the edit button :LOL:

03-12-07, 20:51
Thats how i felt doing mine. wait till you take it out for a drive and then your first camping trip. I soon changed my mind. still gotsmall disel leak and a 100 and one other things to do H:.

23-05-09, 12:06
hi im currently doing the head gasket on my 2.4 5cyl anyone know the head bolt to torque settings? thaks jamie.