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T5 just listed would consider part ex for T4

11-10-10, 13:49
Hi all ive regretably just listed my T5 on ebay here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250709723122

Gutted i have to sell it due to a new baby turning up....also i would consider a part ex for a t4 too as im a carpenter and the t5 is to nice to cart around tools

more details on my blog here (http://rollingsixes.co.uk/t5-van-for-sale/) and there is a build thread on there too for an in depth look

Who can help me out then...?


12-10-10, 09:47
Nice van - I've just been let down by a guy who tell me the van I won on ebay had been stolen the night before I went to pick it up. This fits the bill for me. Sorry to be crude but..... how much?

12-10-10, 10:22
hi james my misses is the accountant but we are now very keen to sell so we have factored out my time/labour to do the fitout. so we are just looking to get back what we have spent out.

best bet is to make me an offer on via PM on here, if youve got a decent t4 to px youll get a better deal. i could take the entertainment system out PC etc too if you wanted it a bit cheaper.

let me know