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Snaith East Yorks 2 T4s

29-03-08, 18:12
There Are Two T4s In A Yard In Snaith The Repair And Sale Cars And Parts There Is A Swb And A Lwb Tel 01405 869 869 Ask For Matt

29-03-08, 18:16
alright mate are you at the jag garage ?
i lived in goole 28 years before moving to donny

30-03-08, 15:44
Hi funny ya should say jag garage well my best mate owns it and i work help out wen am not busy doing other stuff the two vans are up the road in a yard just behind where the rainbow cafe used to be !! like the paint job

30-03-08, 17:55
small world innit fella
might have to drive past next time i visit my sister in rawcliffe bridge i fancy a project but it cant be a mega one due to work and my house having no where to keep something covered