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Towbar, rear light protectors, grills and lights

30-03-08, 17:36
few bits for sale to fund the next stage of the vans bottomless pit.

Tow bar off a K reg idea for a rear mounted bike rack 30

Rear light protectors 15
Rear light clusters 15

Front indicators 5

Grills from 96+ models 5 each

Postage can be arranged or bits taken to N devon weekend / south wales meet / vanwest

Drop us a PM if your interested

Bits on ebay until next sunday (don't tell ebay I might end the listings if I sell them here)Rasp:

31-03-08, 08:13
Hi, I'm interested in the light protectors. Please pm with price. Cheers

31-03-08, 09:39
How much for a bag of gravel?


I want the Yellow stone that may enter into your bag of gravel! the one to the top left of the left hand indicator on the right would you be willing to split?

Second dibs on the rear light protectors

31-03-08, 12:15
PM'd all interested

First to reply to the PM gets the protectors. thought it was the fairest way.

Rob do you want a couple of round stones and a pointy one to go with the bag of gravel??

31-03-08, 12:44
blimey that was quick. Light protectors now sold (subject to payment)

flat eric
01-04-08, 17:57
are the rear light still 4 sale ?....

01-04-08, 18:03
rear lights are still availible 15 + 5.50 post (unless your going to a show soon to meet up?)

flat eric
01-04-08, 18:21
send me you post code and i'll come and get them tomorrow after work....