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My old bus up for sale

AJC Conversions
25-10-10, 23:07
Hi all,

Some of you will remember this one.

(sorry mods not sure which thread this should be in)

My old T5 lwb is up for sale. The buyer from early this year has decided to sell. (he had never camped before buying this van)

Mrs andycapandy wont even look at the pictures on ebay as she is still that gutted.

The front end was one of the best around IMHO. Still ove the van, Sure the caddy willlook as cool :ILU:

25-10-10, 23:16
This was/is a mint bus. Totally understand why Jane can't look at the ad. I'm glad the current owner acknowledges all the hard work and thousands of pounds you put into making that a truly awesome conversion.

Hope it goes to a good home x