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wheres the starter motor 2.5tdi

31-03-08, 19:51
2000 model 2.5 tdi

need to know roughly where the starter motor is van no longer does anything when turning the ignition other than power everything up... NO cranking of the starter motor so i suspect its jammed or blown???

have tried rolling the van back in gear to dislodge but no good. Its stuck in a real difficult to access place with NO lighting lol... just need a rough i dea so i can jack it up and try to hit the solinoid or starter to free it up. oh and theres NO chance of bumpstarting like i said its stuck in a bum hole of a place to get to it :(

31-03-08, 20:00
I think as you are looking at the van from the front the starter is just right of centre and down lowT: Mines jammed about a year and a half ago, gave it a tap and never had a problem since, that was the last time i looked at it so i might be wrong.

31-03-08, 20:17
Its prolly a loose or poor connection on the starter motor.. its on the RHS quite low. Take the wires off one by one and clean the connections... this happened to mine a few months ago and a simple clean sorted it (can't remember the exact lead that was the problem)

31-03-08, 20:45
thanks guys.... managed to tow it out backwards with the missus (geesh very scary as she was the van driver with NO brakes) got it bump started NO problem so at least i know its not the transponder or immobiliser...

Will try the atp and cleaning the terminals 1st but just my luck i can see a new starter motor on its way.

wish me luck ive just had it broken into with my bonded opening T5 type window being smashed and stereo being stolen, Hole it both passenger and sliding door by the little :****s too... oh and i was only going out to the van to drop it off for a wheel bearing to be replaced lol.

31-03-08, 22:15
are u still in rochester you gave me your seat thanks for that i had my work van broken into near your place its a crime wave down hear steve:c

01-04-08, 12:30
are u still in rochester you gave me your seat thanks for that i had my work van broken into near your place its a crime wave down hear steve:c

Yeah dude im still here/there.... JUst about to move though. Glad the seat ws fine. Mine got broken into up at the O2 north greenwich.... CCTV everywhere yet they still broke in. Real busy too and between the hrs of 11:30 and 3pm :eek: apparently no one sees anything:confused: oh and i have a cat 1 alarm system too. All that for a few quid selling my stereo :(

03-04-08, 12:05
Manage to get an early shoot from work yesterday to have a look at the starting issues. found the starter motor NO problem thanks guys for the hint. Its nice and accessable from both top and bottom. Anyways, just gave it a few taps with a socket wrench and hey prestoA:

Many Thanks saved me 80 =vat for a replacment reccon not to mention time and effort removing/replacing

08-05-09, 14:54
Damm can't locate it !
same trouble here the solenoid do "tic tic tic " but no moves of the starter.
where is it when I look at the engine ?



10-05-09, 06:57
Ok found it ... under those spaghettis tubes ...
I've tried to knock it with a long piece of wood without succes.
I've took off the battery and recharge it during the night, nothing.

I'm stuck in the street in Paris, and the access is limited, is the starter mort got an easier acces from underneath, so I could check the connections, and give it a more viril hit ?

thx for any help.