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New Forest parking sites?

03-04-08, 12:08
Who do I contact to find out about the parking places in the New Forest?

Anyone out there got a 'phone number or Website address? :confused: Cheers, Tony.

03-04-08, 12:25
NEW FOREST DISTRICT COUNCIL ( be a great place to start methinks. ;)

03-04-08, 12:50
Dude i go camping down there several times a year what you wanna know.

03-04-08, 13:20

1) Do you need to book?

2) If you do, how/where do you pay?

3) Do you have a favourite area?

4) Is there electrickery/thunderboxes on site?

5) Is there a map of the parking spots?

6) Are B.B.Q's allowed- can you catch/cook horse/rabbit/badger/beaver? ! ? !

7) Are Satanic Rights covered by their insurance?

Things are getting silly so I'll leave it at that.......

Just General stuff like that. Been down to Beauliegh! a couple of times for the Graham Walker Memorial run (Murray Walker's Dad who ran the motorcycle museum for years), on the Old OLD motorcycle and chugged round the area. Looking forward to your reply sn00p. Tony.

03-04-08, 13:36
We were down there over the easter weekend at Hollands Wood campsite just north of Brockenhurst. Its a beautiful campsite with good sanitary facilities and loads of room (just find an area you like the look of a safe distance from the next camping unit and Robert is your Father's Brother). There aren't any lecky hook-up points but you can use BBQ's - we used our Cobb BBQ.

Wild horses roam around 24/7 and its in the heart of the New Forest so if you are walking or MTB'ing its an ideal centre. All you do is make a reservation on their website using a credit card which is at

Click on Camping and Caravaning, then England and then Hollands Wood. Finally click on the Click Here To Book leaf in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


03-04-08, 14:13
We're booked in at Holland's Wood this weekend. Weather forecast says light showers/hail/sleet. Good job we've got a heater :-)

03-04-08, 14:40
Bloody hell - de ja vous or what! That is exactly the same as the weather we had at easter.

03-04-08, 15:21
Thanks to all. Forgot to ask about Pagan rituals........Tony.

04-04-08, 08:27
Yep hollands wood has to be the BEST camp site... has ALL ameneties like HOT showers elecy hookup if required. local to lyndhurst village good walking distance for pubs etc and MORE importantly you can drive in and out all night long.... 2nd would be holmsely as again all amenties BUT.... its in the middle of nowhere, gates shut at 10pm so no driving in and out so if camping in van is a nuisance. And it isnt like hollands where your kinda in the woods with little cutouts.... its more like a field setup. NOT so private or in touch with nature.

However after 10pm you have to park outside which can be a blessing in disguise if yu want cheap or free ;) park out front 10pm every night then blag your way in for a shower and pooh, just hop over the fence further down at the turnstyles. NOT that i reccomend it but i may have had to do this once or twice after arriving so late.

As for just parking up forget it, the NF is full or scenic carparks but you will get kicked out pronto. they dont like it down there and are on the case. At 15 ish a night its not cheap to camp down there and that without elllecy but it really is a nice place to chill and get the real outdoors feeling. You must go burly, lymington and lyndhurst. I suggest bikes as you can leave the van parked up at campsite or outside holmsley. its pretty much flat in the NF and VERY enjoyable to cycle even for complete beginners. You WILL spot deer, boar, horses and cows and many wildbirds you didnt think existed if you go walking or cycling. Get a cycle map 2 and off you go. Cream teas are all the rage down there but well worth the 5. If you cycling make sure you drop off at every pub on the way for 1/2 guiness it really does give you the giggles and take the edge off the cycling to make it 100% enjoyable.

BarBQ's are fine just clear up after but NO open fires. Lots of wild horses and cows just mooching about its all strange down there lol.

Me and my partner went last April had REALLY good weather both cycle novices but covered 120miles in a week. NO aching limbs just total chilled. you got me all excited im gonna book some time off.

no need to book this time of year but come school holidays or summer Hollands gets full VERY quicklyu. to book its a minimum of 3 nights but just turn up for a single night...

04-04-08, 08:45
Sn00p, confused over your final statement. "Minimum 3 nights or just turn up for a single night". Could you expound please? Cheers, Tony. (New to this)

04-04-08, 08:47
I can heartily agree with everything Sn00p has said.

I'd add that if you are using a tent or storing stuff outside make sure it's well secured, those pesky squirrel will try to get in every thing. We had to weight the lid of the cool box down with the water contaier to stop the little darlings from opening it up. You'd hear them early in the morning rattling the handles! We also came back one day to muddy a duvet (we were tenting it in the per dennis days) I was accused of getting it all grubby until I pointed out the marks were tiny foot prints not size tens!

Many years ago friends ours were camping at Hollands wood and came back one day to find a horse in the tent helping itself to the dog food.

Rest assured you will see loads of wild life and if time permits get over to Brown sea island and go hunting for red squirrels.

A love place, just a shame it's so close to Portsmouth! H:


04-04-08, 22:04

I work for the FC managing the southern half of the New Forest. Hollands wood is great. If you're after a more secluded back to basics and have a toilet (tent) you can stay at matley, denny or aldridgehill - no facilities. Roundhills good as well. Holmsleys an old airfield - not my fav place. get on the FH website and book through there.

Plenty of stuff going on across the summer - look at for events and other info. Avoid the last week of July as thats new forest show week and the place is full of cackers.

great place for bkes / walking etc. loads of good pubs.

don't try and freebie it in one of the car parks - its a byelaw offence and we have Keepers/ rangers (and fierce local dog walkers) on patrol 24-7.

Great place though... if you havent got kids - avoid the summer hols and bh weekends.

05-04-08, 13:57
All points noted Burko73, best regards and cheers, Tony.

12-09-08, 10:23
I know this thread it quite old but i was hoping to refresh it. My girlfriend and i are heading to Hollands wood on saturday night (thanks for the tips) and are spending sunday on our bikes. can anyone give me a heads up to a good route, up to 5 or 6 hours would be good... and thats not at a quick pace!
i've found some info and maps$FILE/finalnfcyclemap05.pdf for example but its good to get peoples opinions on good places too isnt it! cheers.

12-09-08, 22:00
hollands wood is very wet at the mo, and we're doing quite a bit of work (tree felling) in the woods next to it so lots of mud and some cycle route diversions. best try roundhill perhaps,that would be my favourite. they've just had new facilities this yr as well - v nice. trouble is its autojumble at beaulieau estate so may be busy with dodgy dutch car enthusiasts.
if you can get the number give them a ring direct - it may work out cheaper than booking online.

12-09-08, 22:04
funnily enough, my partner just produced the new fc new forest cycle map. you can get them for 2 and theres about 100 km of the network to get round. plenty for sunday. as i said - there are some closures in parkhill nr brock but not on sunday. plenty of scope but quite wet here at the mo...

13-09-08, 10:12
thanks for the heads up re campsites burko, we'l check them both out.
i guessed it would be wet, we dont mind a bit of mud on the bikes though and we'l be off the ground during the night. we're not scared!

14-09-08, 00:42
can anyone tell me if any of these sites panel van converted with no windows friendly?

as iv been around there last easter and couldnt find any

oh and yea as burko73 said "dont try a freebie because of there rangers are 24-7"

hell yea they are as when we parked up to go for a walk at 7am we seen someone getting a ticket for over night parking............i couldnt help but laugh as the ranger was knocking on the window and you just knew they were in thereLOL:

14-09-08, 04:53
its all good fun down here......foresty commition are a pain but if your quick they dont catch you,,,,,,,

14-09-08, 11:31
captainwevs - i've seen tents floating around hollands wood before now...

mcjordan - if veryone who wanted to come and park up fro free here did that it would destroy the whole reason for coming in the first place - we have 20 million visits a year here...