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So who wants this as a camper

AJC Conversions
04-12-10, 13:54
Spotted this

Dont think i would fancy sleeping in the back of this :eek:

07-12-10, 16:41
2 up 2 down like it T:

pure t4
07-12-10, 16:49
surly thats dead over priced :)

07-12-10, 16:52
Where's ya other half m8?.......Oh she's sleeping peacefully in the back of the van I::D

07-12-10, 16:53
I'de go for it. In the early seventies I had the chance of an Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire (the one with the reed valve engine) he :eek: and my soon to be beloved talked me out of it, only because she said I would respray it primrose yellow ! ! ! Been with her 31 years, but I don't hold a grudge, Cheers. Tony.*<:-)>

07-12-10, 16:54
Don't know how it happened but he:eek: should read he ! ! ! Cheers squared.Rasp:

07-12-10, 16:55
It's done it again......he.......:D Tony.

07-12-10, 16:55
But no....

07-12-10, 16:56
This is ridiculuous . . . bone wagon......:*

07-12-10, 17:20
I'd buy it, two up two down Hobbit camper.

Kitchen, living room and snooker room downstairs.
Three en suite bedrooms upstairs.


07-12-10, 17:27
It'd make a dead nice camper. Although price is a bit stiff. Wonder if it comes with free body bags to put your surf boards in? I:LOL:

07-12-10, 21:50
At least it's been boarded out nicely! I:

Beats my ply lining & carpeting!!!! T:

07-12-10, 22:52
I thought people would be dying to get in there I:

07-12-10, 23:15
237000 miles Thats a lot of body movments. Wonder how all the spirits get on bouncing around in a confined space:(

you could set your self up in business STIFFS R US;)

08-12-10, 16:39
237000 not much of life in the van, the engine is coffin, the ashtrays are full and its been lowered 6ft, a big project to undertake.any more?
sleep well team black:eek:

08-12-10, 17:03
And it comes from the dead centre of town.
Someone should nail it, and put a lid on the whole thread.
I'd buy buy it...but I can't go coffin up any more money, trying to persuade the wife it was a good buy would be like trying to flog a dead he....oops..I mean horse...
Would fit right in in Norway....anyone laying in the back of a van gets stiff this time of year anyway!
Maybe could advertise it as a male brothel...."Come and try it ladies...4 stiff young men in a single van!"

Shame it has tinted windows...would have been better as a "Box-Van"!!!

12-12-10, 14:50
Just sold my westy funeral trailer which we use to sleep in at the shows. Picked it up from near wolfsburg from the funeral directors about 5 years ago. miss the old thing but at least i bought a t4 with the money.