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Front grill

04-11-07, 09:36
Off my 1998 SWB Transporter.

Looks fine and has a shiny VW badge on it.Has the odd cracked bit of plastic that i only noticed when i had taken it off and got upclose. I have put a badgless one on so dont need it anymore.

20 ONO

18-11-07, 09:41
hi where do i get a badgeless one from please

18-11-07, 16:27
just found this guys site, hes on the forum

look on ebay too

01-05-08, 22:00
If you've still got this, I'm interested in the badge on its own.....?

02-05-08, 07:56
Sorry i sold this grill.

I have a rear badge if thats any help?

02-05-08, 13:02
Thanks, but it's the front I'm after.