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Have a look at this one!

22-12-10, 17:34
German ebay - http://cgi.ebay.de/VW-T4-2-5-TDI-Caravelle-Business-Syncro-/160521143288?pt=Automobile&hash=item255fce43f8#ht_1104wt_1139

I've seen a couple of photo's of the Business Syncro on the forum somewhere.

Big Money! :eek:

bus 1 dub
22-12-10, 19:06
Id love that, have you seen the spec, rear electric seats, electric side loading door, alacantra headlining.

The Rolls Royce of T4's.

27-12-10, 18:45
that is really nice..

27-12-10, 19:26
ohhh my..... how i'd like that interior T:

28-12-10, 08:48
very nice.
No chance of finding a right hooker i bet

29-12-10, 19:33
dont like the wheel on the back door