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Rock and roll sliding seat/bed (Variotech)

10-01-11, 18:13
Hi all.

You may be interested in my rock and roll sliding seat base for T4 that is listed on ebay!

Happy bidding

12-01-11, 13:17
that so doesn't look like any variotech seat I've ever seen before! Maybe it's just the pic angle? Some better/more pics might do this some more justice as from what I can see it looks more like a cheap variotech clone than the real thing!

12-01-11, 13:31
I'd have to agree with Kamper above.

Mine didn't look much like that :*

12-01-11, 15:36
The seat rails and the base look similar but the actual seat doesn't?


12-01-11, 16:18
The seat rails and the base look similar but the actual seat doesn't?


That's what I was thinking, just had a look at the ad again and found this ...

Please note that the seat mechanism is a 3/4 width mechanism. It has been fitted with full width plywood boards, and all the cushions are full width. Because it is a 3/4 width base unit, there are anchorage points for 2 lap belts.

Or in other words "Butchered"! This sort of mod is hardly likely to add to the value IMHO

It may be comfy, and it may be what someone is looking for, but I would have thought the original 3/4 seats would be more popular than full width. Guess he hasn't got these any more tho. Still think it's a bit pricey and the kinda price you'd expect for genuine unmodded variotech.

12-01-11, 17:37
seen this bed in the flesh and really does look and work a treat!!! Also has some other goodies too!!! T: