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  1. Check these conversion specialists out

    General T5 Chat
    OMG now I know why I pulled my whole build thread and how too's off this forum after 6 years of being on it, I only poped my head in to help a new business and it seems the same old stuff happens here, one slate and the rest follow, well that's the end for me guys, good luck with this forum of...
  2. Check these conversion specialists out

    General T5 Chat
    Wow thats a very negative response to a great little company who use quality equipment and dont rip people off, they are customer vans and customers designs, I will pass your negative comment on to them.
  3. Check these conversion specialists out

    General T5 Chat
    (Removed due to the usual T5 arrogance)
  4. Horace show through and demo video

    General T4 Chat
    Hi guys, Thought I better post this up as im still getting messages and questions about my old build thread, some of you know me and the very popular Horace build thread, as most know I pulled the whole thing and all my technicals, photos and how to's off the forum as my photos were being used...
  5. Padstow

    Camping & Excursions
    Can highly recommend a big old pasty from here Chough Bakery Fish and chips from here Chip Ahoy Have a fab Birthday and enjoy this magic part of Blighty T:
  6. How do I remove my build thread?

    The Pub
    No didn't think much of it, not on any other forums, just a occasional visitor on here but no more input.
  7. How do I remove my build thread?

    The Pub
    Dam thought that was the case, oh well one by one it is then all 53 pages, cant replace it as no back up pics, cheers and sorry guys guys have fun im off W: kev
  8. How do I remove my build thread?

    The Pub
    How do I remove my whole build thread from here? Do I have to go into edit and delete one post at a time or is there a disable account and thread button? Cheers Kev.
  9. Please can someone tell me exactly how/where to earth my RCD Consumer Unit

    Im a qualified installer and fit all the electrics, gas and plumbing in the conversions we do at work, and have worked as an auto electrician and caravan tech for many years on and off. We use PMS3's as most converters do but even if we do separates as yours is we still have to earth the mains...
  10. Door speaker pods

    There are 2 ways to do this, Autoleads make all sorts of factory replacements but the T4 is long gone but you can adapt one for another car to fit or fit speakers to the door pocket as I have done. Best thing for you is to ring a car audio fitting company and see what they do kev
  11. Fuse and switch panel help needed

    Try this PMS3 instructions Made by sergeant but Bilbos have there own cover made to make it seem special to them. I fit them in our conversions, its commonly used in the trade, its a reliable all in one but not beefy enough for me, I prefer to use seperates. kev
  12. Captains seats

    Its for making the seat go further forward towards the dash so you can put stuff behind it without winding the tilt position if you had a bulkhead, pull it as you slide the seat forward and you will see. kev
  13. Sluggish power

    New T4 Members Forum
    1.9's suffer from seized throttle cables and when this happens you loose top end power, type it in google, lots of threads on here, I had one myself a while ago on an old van, I just took the cable off and sprayed it full of Teflon lube. The only thing to be careful of is where it connects to...
  14. Tv aerials, talk to me

    The Pub
    I tried many different types including nevcox and most don't work unless you are in range of a strong signal, I now use this and its attached to a glazing sucker, I use a Fringe plug in signal finder to find the direction to point the aerial and now enjoy Tv everywhere we now camp T: kev
  15. What is everyone doing today ?

    The Pub
    No storm and nice and sunny here in Roche, what part are you from?
  16. Gear stick led wire

    I take it you've got an ebay type knob with LED's in it ??? If so then You will have to run a length of 12v twin core wire down through the gaiter and under the carpet to the fuse box, earth to the factory earthing point ( Brown round plastic wheel with lots of metal earth tags to the left of...
  17. What is everyone doing today ?

    The Pub
    Get up, have breakfast, take dogs for a run on the beach (we don't mind the wind and rain, it keeps the emmets in their tents and caravans) drive back along the coast taking in the wild Atlantic views along from Watergate bay, Poth etc and may drive through Newquay for a look at Fistral ...
  18. Fog Light 240v hook up plug

    Gaz as you know yourself, you and many others give out good safe professional advise and its ignored, I myself have done many "How too" threads and they are taken out of mainstream posts and put in Technical by the mods where they are lost forever :confused::confused::confused: Most of the...
  19. Fog Light 240v hook up plug

    Re: Fog Light 240v hook up fog lamp cover Just tuck the plug to the left and the dummy fog fits back in T:
  20. T4 specialists Bude area Devon?

    General T4 Chat
    I made the move from Sussex to Cornwall last July, its the best thing Ive ever done T:T:T: Loads of VW and van conversion places around (I even work for one) Good luck and enjoy your new life in this place we call heaven T: kev
1-20 of 406 Results