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Hi all,

As you're all well aware by now, I have been working on a design for a quad headlight system for the T4, some may prefer the original 'retro' look of the square headlights, but I feel it's not just about how your van looks, but more the safety aspect of it. The original square headlights with the H4 dual filament bulbs combined with the poor reflector design are just not to today's standards. Having tried most if not all the aftermarket headlights available, comparisons showed that the aftermarket units didn't even come close to the OEM units, which are quite poor to say the least. So I came to the conclusion that something needed to be done about it.

Still only at the prototyping stage, but already we're seeing an improvement. The Quad Headlight system gives the front end a more modern look, and the performance of the Hella units are impressive in comparison to the OEM headlights >>


If interested you can follow the entire Project here > T4 Quad Headlight Design Project

A close-up of the Hella 'Classic' range >>


And I'm also working on Hella's amazing 'Bi-Halogen' series >>


Latest Prototype - As things progress I'm constantly improving the design, I had just a few niggles shall we say, the fitting wasn't perfect but I feel we're are getting closer to the final product >>


If you have any questions or with to follow the entire project you can here > T4 Quad Headlight design Project >>





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Very nice ...I like them a lot....and Im a fan of the original headlights too...dont like ANY of the headlight designs Ive seen about...those Audi style leds wrapping up and around look ****...dont suit the vans at all.
I'll have a set mate please....where shall I go ...who shall I pay :)

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Thanks guys, glad you like them ;)(y)

@ Supernube - We started a 'Pre-Order List' some time back for members who were interested in ordering a set of quad headlights. Soon after that, we added a 'Pre-Payment' system so members could secure their order, contributions also go toward buying materials and stock as I'm still at the prototyping stage. I guess that many new forum members aren't even aware that there's a section of the forum dedicated for forum members who produce parts or items for our vans can sell them to other members, unfortunately the 'Built By Members For Members' section kind of gets neglected these days.

The details can be found on the following link >
T4 Quad Headlight System

Unfortunately, when the forum got updated ( new interface ) all the tables with the data got destroyed! :confused: Luckily for me, I have my original 'Pre-Order List' and 'Pre-Payment list' on an Excel spreadsheet. Some data got lost alltogether, as you'll see in some of the posts "No code has to be inserted here" .............. that's to do with this new forum layout!
So everytime you see that quote, it simply means that I posted back a PayPal receipt as a confirmation of payment being received.

If you're interested in buying a set and contributing to the project, could you mention it on that thread please, as I use the date of the post as the order date.
Also, I'll need your van details, T4 Short Nose, and year please.

All payments are done via PayPal, I've setup a special accound in pound sterling for the sole purpose of the T4 Quad Headlight Project. It's important to mention at this point that none of those payments find their way into my personal bank account! :giggle:

I'll message you anyway mate (y)

And thanks again for your interest.