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Default Re: Bongo Fury!!!!

Bit of a more detailed post about the trip to Viezu.

Arrived as a DB9 was being removed from the rolling road, make way for some REAL power...

4x4 rolling road. One of the best setups I have seen.
Clean, well laid-out, no cables laying around everywhere. Very organised, visitor friendly...

Firmly bolted down...

Drive wheels sit ON the roller, rather than "between" them.
Something to do with a more accurate power reading.
So your figures can be quite a bit lower than other rollers, but much more accurate for real world driving.

Also bolted on the front tow eye and also on both sides.
Safety first.

Easy view of all the info you need, right from the drivers seat.

Ready.... Steady....

Can also see all you need from outside the room. Quieter, cooler and plenty of seats for lazy viewers, like me

Crazy complex electric engines/dynos.... Top of the range apparently.

First run was as stock. i.e. with no alteration to the AXG ECU, just running it exactly as I drove it down after the mods.

You can see that the power was coming in VERY early, peaking, then dropping, then doing the same thing again.

This was explained that the ECU has a power limiter on it for saftey.
So the power was hitting this limit and the power was being cut, then powering back up and hitting it a second time, then the power being cut once more (This is dynamic vs revs) before creeping up again.

Downloading the map from the ECU
All download/upload was done via the ODBII port, which was great as the ECU could stay burred under the leisure batteries. Apparently my old ACV ECU may not have done this.

The download took a LONG time, about 20 mins!
Then the uploads were taking about 6-7 mins. We tried 8 maps till we were happy, with the map writing taking an hour the first time, then gradually coming down to about 20 mins. Was a long day but worth is for a fully custom map.

Plenty of fans to keep everything cool. Was a HOT day yesterday. But everything stayed pretty cool.
Only had an issue with heat soak at about 15:00 when it was VERY hot outside and we did 5 fastboost runs, one after another.
10 mins later (while waiting for another map alteration) she was cool again.
VERY happy with how cold the Chargecooler is staying.
Who ever says they don't work have never used one and/or never used one on a good setup with a decent size/performance radiator.

"The Dream Room"
We chatted about how we wanted the van to perform and what I wanted to achieve from the day in there.
I was kind of told that Viezu are NOT about figures and just power, power, power.... but about the smoothest power curves and keeping the motor safe and stable.
Which is exactly what I wanted.

Whiteboard in the "Dream Room" was used for explaining what work was being done on the ECU and how the different lookup tables were being altered to achieve the desired result. Which is much harder than only altering the actual map but gives much better results long term.

A couple of maps were.... errr... a little dirty ...

But, to make an omelette, you have to break some eggs!

The final verdict was that my 'limitation' on the power output (IF I wanted to do higher) was the turbo feed.
Basically, at full chatter, even the HUGE AXG airbox and airbox to turbo pipe-work just can't give the turbo the air it can use fast enough at full spool.
Not a massive problem, as the map has been written to only power to the air it can get.
But even something simple like drilling a few holes in the air-box on the entry side should allow more air to come in.
Long term I will look into enlarging the pipework into and out of the airbox to help with this.

Also, due to the higher temps in the engine bay, we found that although the chargecooler was staying at a good temperature, the silicon hoses were getting VERY hot and retaining that heat.
Mario's plan was always to replace the silicone setup with a full solid piped setup long term. Wrapped with heat shield wrap, this will not only reduce the heat soak but also take out all the flex from the all ready "instant" turbo spool.
There is "NO" turbo lag.

All in all, had a fantastic day. Can't recommend Viezu enough.
Professional, honest, open.... took their time to explain every step and how the maps were running.
Sounds silly but everyone was wearing uniforms and everyone had a high knowledge of how everything worked, so if your assigned specialist was busy working on a map, you could ask another employee questions and they would always know the answers. Just made the whole experience that more interesting and felt like you were getting value for money.

Very impressed.

And again, one more shout out to Keith for the fantastic job he did on the injectors and fuel pump. As well as sorting and coming with me on the trip to Veizu.
Apparently most motors run out of fuel before anything else. with this setup, there is no WAY I can run out of fuel.

And of course, a big thanks to Mazz and Daz from MV Engineering for all his hard work, research and implementation.
And also putting up with me turning up with a "What is going on next" question four or five times a day!!!

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