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Default Re: 1998 T4 abl fuel problem

maybe better in the 'Engine' section? - possibly a moderator could move this?

t4 diesel engines use the injector pump to draw fuel from the tank through the filter.

theres a few failure possibilities with the design....

the fuel pipes can fail allowing air into the system & stopping the fuel feed. (look at the injector 'leak-off' pipes and the stupid 'thermo-valve' on the return pipe at the filter)
the 'thermo-valve', this can crack & also has an 'O' ring that can let air into the filter that stopps the fuel from being drawn from the tank.....
inside the fuel tank, the 'sender' unit has the pickup assembly on it, this has a rubber bellows that accounts for the tank's movement (it's a plastic tank), this 'bellows' can fail & a common issue is that once fuel level drops below ~1/4 then the injection-pump scavanges air not fuel from the tank

then, theres the immobiliser setup (if still fitted), this can play up...
the stop-solenoid itself..... (also, if the injection-pump starts to fail internally, theres the possibility that metalic fragments can stop the operation of the solenoid, usually when trying to 'stop' the engine as they sit on the solenoid's 'plunger' seat but that's another story )

if you are concerned about the solenoid itself, you can 'energise' it with +12v from the battery

if you decide the solenoid is dead then I buy replacements sold as for Landrover as they are sensible priced & without Scene-tax

as an example...


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