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Aftermarket Headlamp Bulbs
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Ok Peeps,

Due to the growing range of products Xtremevan are now able to supply a range of high quality after market headlamp bulbs, these compliment the headlamp wiring upgrades that we offer, but equally enhance the performance of any vehicle that is fitted with standard bulbs.

Please find the types and prices below, or alternatively you could click on the link to our website and purchase securely, if you prefer to order over the telephone, then please call 0115 9390031 as we are able to take either credit or debit cards over the phone.

Philips X-Treme Vision H4 at 22 / pair

Osram Night Breaker Plus H4 at 12 / pair

Osram Night Breaker Plus H1 at 12 / pair

Many thanks


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