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Default Re: 1.9td needs more power!!

Originally Posted by Lachlan13 View Post
Don't worry about me I've had all the variants, and this ones just great with its Bilbos goodness.

On these roads today no ones going anywhere fast so save your cash...
How did you find the 2.5 van?? as I've not drive a t4 2.5 but I have a t5 2.5 auto kombi (low mileage pampered thing and is great)
My little 1.9td is smashing as we'll tbh it's great on fuel it's pretty solid as we'll compared to some vans I've seen, I know it's slow but it's been no bother it didn't cost me the earth, it has 3 middle row seat so a 6 seater to carry everyone around and it's no show pony so I don't mind when it gets 'used'....

I'm looking at getting some sliding side windows as the kids moan on about not seeing outside but I must admit I do skirt around the notion of a t4 2.5 'velle' with some luxuries

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