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Default My 94 Velle to day van build thread.

I,ve been on for a while now but its time to share some progress pictures for those who are interested. I guess i have had my 1994 Caravelle (named by the mrs) rosie for about 4or 5 months now and am trying to do bits as an when i can afford to which is not that often. Although she is an old girl shes been loved throughout her life and had a low mileage so seemed like a good base to convert.

Here she is with stock rims and the addition of clear front indicators and the lower parts of the rear light clusters lightly spray tinted on the lower half. Next i removed the hydraulic wheelchair lift from the undercarriage which made a huge difference to the performance. Then onto the interior with Silent Gliss curtain tracks fitted and the mrs constructed some curtains and did a fantastic job of them too!

We planned a trip to the Peak District and didn't want to get cold so i purchased the Eberspacher from Ebay and i have to say its a superb bit of kit and highly recommended. I took the Caravelle interior out and blow up matress in for the trip and used a wooden chest to store the cooking utensils and food and our belongings went in a bag. It was a bit cluttered with no storage at yet but i just wanted to get out there with her and the mrs.

I have fitted alloys and lowered her since but my laptop got drowned in a flood while we were on holiday so photos to follow.

Future plans are;
Fit wind deflectors
Tint the windows
Black the pillars
Full width RNR bed
Removable galley/kitchen unit
Folding table
Leisure battery to run Eberspacher and domestic electrics
Decals of some description

Watch this space.

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