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Default Re: Mercedes ronal what tyres

Originally Posted by steved1975 View Post
Got my wheels through today checked them over and has 97 engraved on them so this equates to a load rating of 730kg per wheel, this IMO is plenty as after checking my manual the unlaiden weight including driver is 1655kg and the Permissable GVW (gross vehicle weight?) is 2650kg and the combined axle loads are 2630. So 4x 730kg = 2920kg.
So as long as you get tyres with a load rating of this or higher IMO everything should be OK, even a load rating of 95 on tyre would be OK as this still gives an overall weight rating of 2760 (690kg per tyre)
97 on a wheel doesnt give a load rating thats only for tyres ,
You work out the loading on the heighest axle weight divided by 2 (this is on the vin plate )
Not the total van weight divided by 4 .
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