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T4 Post Icon T4 rear bumper support, aftermarket?


Iv been pottering and repairing small bits of rust in the arches. Found a hole in the front nearside cross-member, which will need replacing. However, nothing as bad as the rotted rear bumper support (AKA Rear cross-member on some posts).

Mine has crumbled, I took it off to view with the hopeful expectation of a bit of de-rusting and a bit of paint, but no chance. So there are several posts on this, mostly of people looking for a replacement. The stock part appears to be code 701807303 and available from brickwerks in the UK, also perhaps VW too.

My problem is this is not the part on my van, mine is fitted with a Towbar so the bumper support bar doesn't have the protruding arms for attachment to the chassis, just four bolt holes to attach to the tow bar frame.

I actually have nothing to tow at present, and certainly no need for the rotating tow hitch with three different hooks on it. It just seems good for removing your shins. Having said that, the wife also does not want a tow bar hanging around the flat and I I have aspirations of using one day.

So I wonder, does the bumper support bar for use with tow bars also come from VW? I cannot find one searching online, or is it aftermarket and something that may not be available anymore i.e. sold by the tow hitch manufacturers.

Anybody have any thoughts? Cheers, in advance.

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