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    I recently bought a 2011 T5 SWB Kombi with a 75 (102PS) 2l TDI motor and am wondering: What are the technical differences between a 102PS and 140PS engine and 30000km (19000mi) on the clock. The 102PS has a 5 speed gearbox vs. the 6 speed of the 140PS to cater for the increased power delivery...
  2. Engine & Gearbox
    Help i'm confused :confused:about what i have? i am currently getting quotes for cam belt and water pump change, i have asked a few of the local respected garages (knowing this is far from straight forward), and i have had varying quotes form £391 upto £530, with some saying they don't want the...
  3. Vans For Sale
    Yellow ex-AA van with side windows. 182,672 miles. Located near Knighton on the Shropshire-Welsh border. Sad to be letting this go like this, especially since has just passed its MOT (19th May 2009). Almost immediately after the MOT the Fuel Pump set up needed replacing, which was done…and then...
  4. New T4 Members Forum
    Just bought my first T4 (so need to sell my SA LLE T25/3 hint, hint I:) one owner fVWsh hi-spec late model Caravelle Limousine 102 TDi Currently standard, but I have a KW kit and PP to fit, just need some rims... Somewhere for the kids to wreck View into the business end
1-4 of 4 Results