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  1. Electrical
    Hello I've bought some headrest monitors , I initially thought that cigarette lighters was ignition live so I would be able to wire them to that but reading on internet people are saying they are permanent ? I've not checked this yet myself. I was just wondering if anybody on here knew the best...
  2. Coachbuilds
    Hi All I'm new to this site. My friend suggested I join the forum to if anyone knows the best place I can get a 12Volt Eberspacher diesel night heater fitted to my van? I've looked on ebay, they vary from £400 - £1000 but I'm not too keen on paying that much money on something second hand. I've...
  3. Electrical
    My leisure battery stopped charging because the switched 12v for the split charger stopped working. I discovered that I had tapped in to the rear window heater circuit following advice on the colour of wire to find. I spent ages with the multi meter trying to find another without success...
1-3 of 3 Results