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12v tv

  1. MEOS 15.6" TV/DVD player £50

    MEOS TV/DVD 15.6" high definition widescreen. Includes 12V connector and mains adapter, also remote control. Selling because we have rearranged the van interior. It is in excellent condition - very little use since we got it last September (2013) with very good clear images. It will accept...
  2. What's the latest about 12v TV's?

    Ello all, been a while after a busy summer! Mind racing again about plans for the next stage of conversion. Was thinking Kogan about a year ago, but want to know if there are any new players to look at or any bargains popped up! About 22/24" screen size. T:
  3. great 12 volt TV DVD conbo

    General Van Chat
    hi all, many may already spotted this but morrisons are doing a 12 volt 16 inch tv dvd combo for £99, bought one today and its a decent bit of kit. loads of inputs including usb. at only 20 watts should be easy on leisure battery. it comes with 240 adapter. watched it for few hours on inverter...
  4. The Green Geko Camper Build

    The Workshop
    Hi there, this is my van The Green Geko It's an ex green flag van, which I bought in March 07, after I got water in the engine of my last car a Seat Cordoba, always being in to my German cars. I looked for ages and it seamed all over the country, all the good T4's seamed to be down south or...