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  1. LT35 power outlet

    LT & Crafter
    Hi, First post here! I have a 2005 LT35 LWB with 2.8 TDI 158 engine converted to a campervan. I currently run the 3 way fridge on gas 95% of the time and don't run it all when we are driving. Recently we have done some longer drives and I want to run it on 12v just when we are driving. I am...
  2. Fitting additional 12v power sockets in T5

    Hi Guys This is my first post in this great forum. I wanted to give something back in return for all the useful info you have provided since acquiring my T5 Transporter 2014 campervan a few weeks ago. One of the first things I wanted to do was address the problem of there only being one 12v...
  3. Powering a 15V Pico Projector in Van is it possible

    I am trying to get everything down to 12v to limit the need for 240v hook up. I tested my Pico M400 projector last night and it works with the Dandy Stereo which is a result. However I am looking to use my leisure battery if possible to power the Pico but the power supply and input voltage...
  4. inverter with battery whilst camping?

    Hi mobile sparkys I'm planning on installing a second battery, split charger etc. Does anyone run an inverter to say power or charge their laptop (or other 240v thing) from their second battery whilst they are parked up? I'm thinking that it would pull a lot of power and that it would be best...
  5. 12V Electric cab heater for heat bursts, is it possible?

    I am trying to see if I can get away with electric heating, not for overnight use but when heat bursts are needed (coming back from the surf, before going to sleep, before getting up etc.) Right now I just rev my engine to get the coolant up to temp and than blow 15 minutes from the cab fans...
  6. T5, 2.5 PDC, 5 cyl: why cant I suck the oil out?

    Engine & Gearbox
    im trying to use a 12v oil sucker to remove some oil in my 2006 T5 2.5 PDC motor. It works on my passat 2.0l, but the tube wont "hit" the oil in the t5 even though the tube is being pushed in as far as the length of the dipstick. Is there some sort of baffle in the sump which only allows a...
  7. Solar panel set up.

    Hello! Can any one give me advice/links to a solar panel kit that I can use in my van to charge my 110ah leisure battery. Need it to have a display to put inside my van to show the status. I.e charging/charged or and automatic cut off. I've seen kits but they vary, 12v 10w/20w/30w/50w/100w...
  8. 240v tv to run from cig lighter?

    Hi, I have a bush LED tv DVD combi from Argos. It runs at 20watts so quiet low and has a 5amp fuse. Voltage needed Ac 100-240v. So question is, whilst I'm driving to my destination can I power the tv somehow from the cig lighter hole? Once at site I'll use mains hookup. I don't have leisure...
  9. Electrical questions, inverters running air con

    Hi all, The Christmas break has given me plenty of time to ponder the next addition to the van. We're planning on fitting the dometic hb2500 air conditioning and heater unit in a cupboard. I'm fine on the 240v side however dometic say you can run it off an inverter when the engine is running...
  10. 12v regulator? 5A rating but are they any good?

    Hi all, Stumbled across this on amazon, supposedly good for 5A and will 'protect' TV's and similar from the rough output of the regular 12v socket. Does anyone know what's inside these? Do they output a stable 12v?? :*...
  11. Shuttle Rear 12V Socket

    The rear 12V socket is as dead as a dodo on mine. Does anyone know whether it's supposed to be a switched or permanent live? Cheers :)
  12. End user 12v TV reviews

    Hi all, I'm aware this has been covered in terms of what tv's people have bought, but with regards to the actual quality of the TVs, all I can find is reviews from official testing sites. I'm always hearing about them being bribed/coerced by bigger companies to drop some bad comments in their...
  13. 12v shower attachment

    T5 Conversions
    Does any body know where I can get one of these from? Thanks http://www.camperconversions.com/_shop/product_info.php?cPath=26&products_id=53
  14. new 12v outlet

    so heres a question for all you sparky people....if i want to install a second power outlet in the back of the van, can i just wire it into the cigar lighter wires??? or do i have to use the route to the battery with an in line fuse? which is easier.....bearing in mind i have a terrible fear of...
  15. running a projector straight from the leisure battery (no inverter)

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    I've just started looking in to projectors and I'm trying to find one that could be run straight off of the leisure battery so that you wouldn't need to waist all the power on an inverter. has anyone managed to do this? you can buy some that use led's which only use 22w but most run on 240v...
  16. Zig cf9 outputs/lights

    T4 Conversions
    I have just been playing around installing a zig cf9 into my van, I am going to buy a set of the diodes lights from ikea to run from the zig unit. As I understand I think I Ned a 12v regulator between the lights and the zig to stop me blowing the bulbs. I have had the zig connected to the...
  17. Wiring electrics with zig cf-8, what cable do I need?

    T4 Conversions
    I'm currently in the process of converting my lwb t4, and have a basic idea as to how I want the layout to be, I also know roughly what electrical items I want and where they are going, I just need to know what size cables I need to run in for the 12v side and also for the mains input side, I...
  18. 12v sockets

    Can any one help me please? I have a 2006 Multivan and the 12v socket in the rear/boot has no power to it. There is 12v to the 12v socket near the sliding door. There is 12v to the cig lighter in the dash. I have tesed all the fuses in the centre of the dash and under the bonnet. I have bee...
  19. Low voltage from aux 12V socket in California Coach

    Hi, I have an odd issue with the 12V auxiliary socket in my T4 California Coach. This is the mini 12V socket fitted as standard by Westfalia behind the drivers seat and above the 230V socket. Despite the central control panel reading a healthy 12.5V for the leisure battery, I only get half this...
  20. Running 12v through 240 hook up - perfect set up?!?

    I came across this wiring diagram at http://forum.earlybay.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=17139 (about 1/3 down page). Although it is for a T2 the same principles apply, except battery position etc. This approach means no switching between 12v and 240v when you use a hook up, as the battery charger...