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  1. T4 1.9 Engine swap LEZ

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi All. My beloved 2002 1.9 has got a wobbly crank shaft, throwing out the timing. I was trying to find a replacement van but to no Avail. So now I’m considering a replacement engine. Question; she is up to LEZ current and future standards, but what happens when I change the engine out for...
  2. 1.9D T4 1997 Slugish.

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, I am a new T4 owner which is 1997 LWB 1.9D 68BHP. It is fully converted to a camper. I haven't taken it too far to date probably about 100 miles in one trip. I am not expecting the van to drive like a sports car but it does seem slow, uphill and pulling off especially at busy roundabouts...
  3. 1.9 or 2.5 VW T5?

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi Which is a nicer drive / more reliable for a T5 please, 1.9 or 2.5. We are looking to do a basic conversion (lining and insulation and rock and roll bed, no kitchen units etc.) on a SWB T5 pref 2006 onwards for trips to Scottish mountains and around Europe. However it will also be our only...
  4. limp mode

    Engine & Gearbox
    I was going into limp mode. Used to have clouds of thick black smoke. To went down the new Intercooler, pipes and egr delete path. I've also mr muscled the turbo. Engine is AXB (2003) was mechanical egr. So intercooler on, pipes on. Tightened fully. No warning lights etc. I've actually had to...
  5. which Intercooler? Forge / Darkside

    Engine & Gearbox
    Forge is expensive at £400+. It also appears to use the clip style hoses which are problematic. Currently my gut is to go with the darkside developments one. Its £225 and looks like you can use their (hardpipe & silicone)kit, thus removing the problem of the VW clips... I have no experience...
  6. 1.9 t5 reduced power

    Engine & Gearbox
    I've read every thread I can on here and have tried to solve this myself but to no avail - yet. Van: 53 plate - 1.9 104 - remapped 3-4yrs ago. Until today (EGR black) no further mods. History: For the past 1-2yrs when driving in 5th at >70mph and more recently uphill in 3/4th the van goes into...
  7. Which T5 is best? 1.9 (102ps) or 2.5 (130ps)?

    General T5 Chat
    Hi, I am looking for a VW Transporter (T30) on about a 2007 plate for a camper van conversion and I do not know whether the 1.9 (102 bhp) or 2.5 (130 bhp) engine will be the best. Does anyone have on thoughts regarding this, such as whether one is better than the other, more costly or...
  8. Major lack of power.

    Engine & Gearbox
    I've got a 1.9 turbo t4 800 with 218,000 miles on the clock. Over the past few years it's been gradually getting weaker, but since the winter has come along it's gone to a different level of weak. I’ve has a look at other posts on here that talk about losing power, but nothing quite matches...
  9. 1.9 TDi Caravelle FIRE!!

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, I have had some problems with my van starting over the last couple of weeks. When I turn the key there is a faint click (injector?), and then nothing. All dash lamps come on and go off as normal. Then the other day cruising t 80ish the glow plug warning lamp came on. My mechanic is away...
  10. Anyone know what this component is please?

    I've got something which looks like it is unplugged sitting in front of my radiator. Recently my cooling fan is coming on as soon as I start the van and staying on. I've got error code 18617 and 16502 - coolant temp sensor signal too high. I've ordered a new temp sensor from Eurocarparts. But I...
  11. T5 1.9PD Boost Gauge

    General T5 Technical
    As someone addicted to little projects, I wanted to install a boost gauge to my van. Now, I know the theory, tap a vacuum hose with a T-piece after turbo, but before manifold and run it through to the CAB; or drill the manifold and install a self-tapping nipple. I don't want to do the...
  12. Newbie Wants 1.9 SWB T4!!!!

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi all, just joined the T4 forum so this is my first post. I'm sick and tired of ty vehicles (just lost a vauxhall van to a blown head) and I feel like I've been ing money away on upkeep of a vehicle that is just destined to break down. Two of my mates have had T4's for years now and I tell you...
  13. No power after 2500RPM

    Engine & Gearbox
    Okay so the problem is with my stepdads 1.9 turbo diesel 2004 T5 van I don't drive them. He said the power is fine until then engine has warmed up (until some time of lockout occurs) I think it may be over boosting but I cannot be sure. He can pull through the rev ranges for a bit then just...
  14. vw t5 shuttle dirty grey low miles 83k loads of mods fully loaded

    Vans For Sale
    vw t5 shuttle dirty grey low miles 83k loads of mods fully loaded NOW SOLD i am reluctantly selling my t5 shuttle 2005 1.9 2005 which has had loads done to it as you can see. comes with electric remote folding mirrors air con front and back electric windows cruise control flat bottomed steering...
  15. 1999 skoda octavia glx tdi 1.9 deisel

    VAG Vehicle Sales
    I have for sale my skoda octavia estate. Suitable for TDi conversion/parts??????? Its done 250,000 miles, has the abs light on, has the common octavia dashboard problem(fuse now removed), the central locking doesn't work properly, rear electric windows dont work, has some mould caused by water...
  16. 1.9 102ps

    General T5 Chat
    Hi, i have been looking at a 1.9 102 ps panel. im after an economical van and was wundering if this would be one of them? you here of the ones that do 45-50 mpg is it true!! would chipping or remaping help(virgin to t5's.....can you tell!!) or would i be better soing for a bigger engine? many...
  17. confuzzled

    Engine & Gearbox
    am i better off converting my 1.9td to a 1.9 tdi of going for the 2.5 tdi - and can anyone reccomend a place in the midlands area to do either of these conversions
  18. T5, 1.9, 130bhp, Dayvan

    What's it worth?
    I'm moving to NZ in five weeks, for two years, so I have to make a decision - sell the van or put it into storage. Already selling the rest of my life, but reluctant to let this go. So any help on figures to help my decision please? 2004, T30, 1.9tdi, re-mapped by Pendle Performance to 130bhp...
  19. Hi all

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    HI all just joined the site and wanted to say hi :) as im a newbie please forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this but could anyone recommend a place around the midlands birmingham area that would convert my 1998 swb 1.9 td to a 1.9 tdi or maybe even a 2.5 tdi ???
  20. Newbie and looking to Buy

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi, Im in need of some help with the purschase of our new van please. We are looking for: VW Transporter T5, Under 100,000 Miles, Air Con. Been looking for a 2.5TDI, but some people have put us off about this engine and gearbox. So what is best 1.9TDI or 2.5TDI Manual or DSG?