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  1. Hello from Calgary, Canada - About to buy this Eurovan (T4 / Caravelle) - 82,300 kms

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    Hello everyone, Wow! I can't believe how happy I am to come across such a fantastic resource! So. I am about to buy this in Calgary, Canada. 1992 82,300 km $3500 CAD It seems like I have hit the jackpot? From what I hear, these bad boys last a long time? I took it for a test drive, it...
  2. changing instrument clusters?

    Hello guys, Just a quick question was just wondering if a mk2 golf instrument cluster straight into a 1992 t4? cheers :ILU:
  3. Time to put my T4 story in pics and words. A 1992 'velle 2.4D

    SWB Garage (All Versions)
    i bought the Bus in 2004 and one of the first things I did was to remove the rear seats and fit a cargo shield and load anchor points and fit a tow bar. the reason to register it as a "Truck" in Sweden to reduce the road tax from about £900 about £300 a year. So that is how it was for quite a...
  4. Hi ... new Here too.

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    I got this 92 in Aug. just cleaning it up. fixed fuel gauge and water temp. fuel lines, change fluids filters. So nice to get ideas from everyone.
  5. Splitter on 1992 bumper

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    Hiya - I'm looking for advice and tips on how to fit a splitter to my old style 1992 front bumper. I have bought a VR6 Golf MkIII job but I've seen a thread saying that this may not be the one for me. I think there may be a way, but thought it best to ask and learn from other peoples'...