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  1. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi Guys, Looking at getting a T5 at the mo, preferrably a 130, but was wondering what a chipped 1.9, 104bhp would be like - any ideas? Thank you!!
  2. Engine & Gearbox
    just wondering if anybody has fitted a newer golf/passat pd engine into a transporter yet ? im guessing a fair job but with up to 150bhp as standard would look to be an ideal swap . steve
  3. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, My engines gone pop so i need a new one asap as suppose to be going on my hols in the van in 2 weeks:eek: What is involved in fitting an AAZ engine instead? Will the ancilleries from an ABL fit an AAZ? Turbo? manifold? A friends garage will be doing it for me, they quoted me 8 hrs...
  4. Engine & Gearbox
    Hello i just bought a 1995 golf TDI 90 donor car and i am soon to be installing the motor into my T4(currently ABL 1.9TD).Has anyone done this conversion before? Any help and advise will be welcome to help me aviod any unforeseen pitfalls.Thanks! Turns out im the only one on the forum to have...
  5. Engine & Gearbox
    just one of those thoughts you have , you know when you really should be getting on with something else .. i have just bought a full 1Z golf 1.9tdi engine and all the gubbins to fit into my mk2 golf but i was just pondering on the idea of fitting it into my 1.9td .. I'm sure ive read...