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2005 t5
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  1. General T5 Chat
    Hi all. Trying to fit new high level brake lights to the barn doors of my 2005 T5. Old ones have spade connectors rather than the simple plug that is built into the new light. Any suggestions other than opening the lights and re-soldering the cables with spade connectors onto the new lights?
  2. New T5 Members Forum
    Hi All, Just purchased one on ebay - my first. It's had some conversion work done already with new seats, bed, lined, carpeted and smev unit. MY2005 with 150k on the clock. Runs ok, I'm used to the 1.9 tdi engines and done various jobs on them in the past, but there's some issues I'm unsure of...
  3. General T5 Technical
    Hi, So I just bought my first t5 and now when it's summer it would be nice with some cold air. The thing is that the button doesn't light up, can't feel any cold air. I suspected some fuse is bad but all of them seems to be fine. I might have missed a fuse because I have no way to tell which...
  4. Vans For Sale
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  5. Wanted
    I need a drivers side wing mirror for a T5 2005, right hand drive. Can be second hand and with some wear and tear as I'll be putting a chrome cover on it. Contact me quick as possible! Cheers.
  6. Electrical
    Can anyone help with this? There are no wiring diagrams for it that I can find. Dont even know where it is located to take a look and clean etc. Any help really appreciated, or any recommendations of who I could take it to in the Bristol/Weston Super Mare area that may be able to work on it...
1-6 of 6 Results