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  1. T6 Euro 6 - Electrical Installation Help Needed

    Hi all It's my first VW and myself and a competent friend will be doing the conversion. I'm aware the Euro 6 engine I have requires a direct battery to battery charging system and will be using the CTEK D250 charging system to a leisure battery. I'm ok with that side, however, with regards to...
  2. 240v Plugs from leisure battery

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi there, I've scoured the previous threads on a similar subject but cannot find an answer. I have recently had a part conversion and had a leisure battery installed with a split charger and 240v hook up. I have a USB and internal lights running from the leisure battery. There are also x2 3...
  3. 240v battery charger connection

    I bought a 240v battery charger from (Totally unhelpful) Kiravans. The intention is to connect it up to the 240v hook up power. The model is the Nordelettronica NE287 21a. Most of the wiring is straight forward (240v supply to a 13amp socket from the hook up supply; red to leisure battery...
  4. Inverter and battery charger

    Just finished installing consumer unit 240v Hookup to feed sockets. Tv,fridge, led light and aux running off leisure battery (125ah) split relayed. What i want to do is add an 600w Inverter and a 10amp charger in between ,so i can charge leisure battery when on hookup and have the use of 240...
  5. 240v tv to run from cig lighter?

    Hi, I have a bush LED tv DVD combi from Argos. It runs at 20watts so quiet low and has a 5amp fuse. Voltage needed Ac 100-240v. So question is, whilst I'm driving to my destination can I power the tv somehow from the cig lighter hole? Once at site I'll use mains hookup. I don't have leisure...
  6. 240V Mains Hook Up Kit £59.99 inc. P&P

    Conversions & Customisation
    Just £59.99 including P&P. A complete kit with comprehensive fitting instructions containing all you need to install 240V into your vehicle. [img=http://s22.postimg.org/sfe3kbxd9/IMG_0359.jpg] Kit contains; • 2 way Consumer unit (30ma RCD and 6A & 16A MCB's) •Surface mount inlet socket •2...
  7. Zig cf9 outputs/lights

    T4 Conversions
    I have just been playing around installing a zig cf9 into my van, I am going to buy a set of the diodes lights from ikea to run from the zig unit. As I understand I think I Ned a 12v regulator between the lights and the zig to stop me blowing the bulbs. I have had the zig connected to the...
  8. Where to put the hook up inlet?

    SWB Garage (All Versions)
    I want to put 240v into my T5. The ELCB will be at the back on the driver's side, so I wondered if anyone had placed the inlet at the rear too? I know some people chop the bodywork under the rear light cluster, but this is far too complicated for my rudimentary DIY skills? Is there somewhere...
  9. Running 12v through 240 hook up - perfect set up?!?

    I came across this wiring diagram at http://forum.earlybay.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=17139 (about 1/3 down page). Although it is for a T2 the same principles apply, except battery position etc. This approach means no switching between 12v and 240v when you use a hook up, as the battery charger...