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  1. Flapping noise and no power at start

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, I've just had a slightly worrying experience in my T4 2.4D I hadn't driven it in about 2 months because of lockdown and just went to give it a spin. Engine started fine but could hear a flapping noise from the engine and had very little power. It moved but I couldn't get it up the ramp...
  2. 2.4D AAB - Cylinder Head Failure

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi Gang, We put about 1000 km on our "new" 93 2.4D AAB California. Unfortunately, the engine was consuming coolant and our local shop says the head gasket went bad and the engine needs a new cylinder head. The overall cost with labor and machine work on the head is going to be 2000 to 3000...
  3. Batter drain - suspecting alternator

    Hi All, I have a relatively new to me 1997 2.4d T4, the electrical system and battery have been going strong until recently (excluding an issue with glow-plug relay). Recently I had some welding done to deal with some rust on the floor pan and the van drove and started grand the next two days...
  4. Vw t4 2.4d lwb - 1995

    Vans For Sale
    For sale, good honest LWB van in decent condition. I bought this to lug stuff about, with possibility of converting in summer. However, having a T5 on the drive already the other half wasn't best pleased, so putting up for sale. I can't tell you a huge amount about it, other than: Bought from...
  5. Gearbox advice please.

    Engine & Gearbox
    I have a T4 1993 2.4D automatic lwb. The gearbox has packed in and the steering box needs replacing. I am looking a buying a donor van to change it over to a manual box. Just wondering if anyone knows anything that will help. Which model t4 will have the necessary parts that will fit and any...
  6. VW T4 Camper for sale - full Reimo conversion including pop-top

    Vans For Sale
    VW T4 Reimo camper for sale Full conversion includng Reimo pop-top and Variotech sliding seat/bed Good condition for age, recent massive overhaul including cambelt Just passed MOT first time, to be renewed 10th August 2017 2.4D 5 cylinder diesel, 5spd manual, 122k miles Located on the south...
  7. No Speedo after Cable change

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello, I have been searching for a long time but not found an answer. i have a late 94 T4 2.4D. It has the clock with a mechanical speedo and no rev counter. Had the clutch changed a couple of years ago and pretty soon after the speedo became erratic.finally to stop altogether. Finally got round...
  8. T4 2.4D Exhaust Back Box

    Parts For Sale
    T4 2.4D standard backbox in good order (used 3k miles). Believe also fits 1.9D. Bought in error for my 2.5TDI £20. Collect from Salisbury.
  9. 2.4D exhaust mounts

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi I've just replaced the 2 mid sections of the exhaust on the van (new mounts too) all good but noticed on the start of the back box section I.E before the silencer close to joint with next section. That there is a hook mount the same as the one on the previous section used to mount the rubber...
  10. What are these lines/pipes? (2.4)

    Engine & Gearbox
    Does anyone know what these lines are? I noticed a smell of fuel coming from my 2.4. There was a little bit of smoke puffing from the underside of the rocker cover at these pipes. Are they part of the injectors? It looks like flexible push on pipes. The brading is saturated so looks likes its...
  11. 2.4D clutch trouble

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all! Hope this isn't something I should already know but... Our 2.4D Caravelle had a new clutch early this year. All was good for about 3-4 months then gear selection became increasingly difficult. With assistance, I bled the clutch, which immediately solved the problem, though there...
  12. Ok - I give up!

    Engine & Gearbox
    I don't know what an LDA is - do I have one, do I need one, what does it do? 1996 2.4D (soon to be turbo'd)
  13. alternator alignment 2.4d

    Hi, My alternator pulley is offset (outwards) from the line of the pulley on the crankshaft damper by about 8mm. It does not appear to be adjustable. Have I got the wrong pulley or alternator?? thanks for your help, Geoff :confused:
  14. newbie in need!

    General T4 Chat
    hi guys, im luke and ive just taken a big step and sold my much loved ibiza cupra and got myself a 98 lwb t4 and cant wait to start tinkering and get it sprayed. i bought the t4 about two weeks ago with a seized engine its the 2.4d i belive its a AJA? not 100% as i am new to the T4 world :D. im...
  15. Veg oil straight off

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi there folks, bought a van yesterday (1991 T4, 2.4D, 100k+ miles on this engine but 257k on the clock) so I'm excited to hit the road. I'm heading up from Edinburgh to north of Inverness this evening - what will be a straight run of 180 miles. I'd love to try sticking some rapeseed oil in the...
  16. Help a Newbie this Christmas. 2.4 starter/ alt problem

    Engine & Gearbox
    HI all, wonder if you can help me on this, am a bit desparate! Last week my bro in law was driving our 97 2.4aab down a slip road when the engine cut. Still electrics worked, but van wouldn't restart or even turn over. Just a click from the solenoid. There was reported and electric-ky smell too...
  17. vw t4 2.4 tdi AAB cylinder head

    Parts For Sale
    vw t4 2.4 tdi AAB cylinder head and various other engine bits inc clutch, water pump, diesel pump....more to follow this came from a secondhand rebuild engine that i bought for parts, the head was new when fitted to the block and never used apparently...well they tried to run it but had a leaky...
  18. 1995 swb 2.4d t4 - £1500 - SOLD

    Vans For Sale
    Sorry - Van has been sold. A move to Australia forces me to sell my T4 day van. 1995 SWB 2.4D T4 - £1500 210k miles TAX End of October 2012 MOT End of July 2012 Ply-lined, insulated and carpeted with two storage boxes that work as a long bench seat to fold out into a double bed. (see pics)...
  19. Temperature sensor

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi there! I bought recently a used 1990 T4 2.4d and it had the usual problem with the fuel and temp gauge. I resoldered the voltage regulator contacts, and they came back to life. The temp gauge however doesnt seem good, at normal engine use I get a reading of 60ºC (first line of the scale, it...
  20. T4 Caravelle, White, SWB, 2.4D, Bargain!

    Vans For Sale
    I'm selling a 1995 VW T4 Caravelle, White, SWB, 2.4D with 151K on the clock Bought privately off the previous owner, who replaced the timing belt and put it through MOT - beginning of May this year. When he bought it @ 137K He had the whole engine rebuilt. That was 4 years ago and he used it to...