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2.4d turbo conversion

  1. Squealing under my bonnet

    Engine & Gearbox
    Right! I posted a while ago concerning the combination of strange noises our '96 2.4D has started to make. It has a 2.5 TDi manifold and turbo fitted (though not by a VW specialist, which may be relevant to the subsequent problems! No one responded, so I've ploughed on alone! So - thus far, I...
  2. Project 2.4D Turbo - Hints and Tips

    Engine & Gearbox
    So I recently did this conversion and struggled. So I thought that I would pass on some tips gained from my own experience so it can help others without the need to read 100+ pages of the project thread. My Tips 1. Don't use 1/2 inch socket sets they are simply too big and clumsy, 3/8th...
  3. Team 2.4D Turbo information Library

    Engine & Gearbox
    Calling 2.4D Turbo Conversion owners :D Its time to put all the 2.D Turbo conversion threads in one place to help others as its a bit of a mission to find information through so many lost threads. Please can all 2.4D Turbo owners log all your threads relating to your conversion work so we have...
  4. HOW TO - Turbo your 2.4D!

    Technical Articles
    Well here goes, ill try and document as much info as i can on my conversion..... Here's what we started with... I started to gather the bits.. Turbo and manifold off 2.5TDI ACV EGR blank fitted Inlet manifold off 2.5TDI ACV Dipstick tube off 2.5TDI ACV oil feed and return pipes off...
  5. 2.4D AAB Turbo Project

    Engine & Gearbox
    2.4D AAB Turbo/PP3 Project Been doing some research on here and other sites and decided to go down the Turbo route for my 2.4D AJA Engine :D The T4 2.4D Transporter is now getting Turbo'd need abit more power and after driving the VRS for a week i need more power for towing with the T4...