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2.5 tdi

  1. clocks, please help, anybody? hello????

    hi, please don't send ne the link to penbryns post with clock numbers. i have read it but i'm too stupid to understand it and also my clock part numbers are nor listed. my question - will these clocks work in my van or are the non compatatable! engine - 2001 2.5tdi AJT chassis - 1997 1.9TD 800...
  2. T4 2.5 Tdi or T5 1.9 Tdi

    General Van Chat
    Hi all, I am nearing buying my first Tx to convert to a camper for me and my family... We live in Cornwall and need to make the most of where we live!!! So my question is: What are the pro's and con's between a T4 2.5 Tdi and a T5 1.9 Tdi? I have been told that the T4 2.5 is a very strong...
  3. Sheared mount housing 2.5 tdi 2001

    Engine & Gearbox
    I need advice; I have had my 2.5tdi from new (done about 120,000 miles). Two days ago the engine dropped off it's mount- one bolt has sheared in the block but the bit of housing on the block that held the other two bolts has disintegrated-- anyone heard of this happening before and any way to...
  4. 2.5 TDi 88Bhp Clutch replacement defintive answer!! Please help

    Engine & Gearbox
    Trying to get a definitive answer / information on: What clutch / flywheel options for 88bhp AJT As found in TD blue I vans like my 888 special. I have read over the last few months about 30 threads on this subject and confused you bet :confused:!! This question gets asked a lot so I would...
  5. ! How to - brake light switch / flashing glow plug light

    As you may or may not know in most cases when the glow plug light flashes on your dash board (when driving!) its something to do with the brake lights or related electrical system. The ideal when the glow plug light flashes (now to be refereed to as GPLF) is to connect to a VAG COM as what is...
  6. LWB 2.5 tdi 102 for sale!!

    Vans For Sale
    Hello, Unfortunatly I have run into some financial difficulties and the only thing i have left is my van. Unless some sponsorship comes through for my kayaking, the van has to be sold. so as it stands, she is for sale :( the van, Its a 1200 LWB T4 2.5tdi 102. with private plate (L200 CVP)...
  7. What starter battery do I need for a 2.5TDi 102?

    General T4 Chat
    Hello My battery is on the way out. Just wondering what starter battery I need for my 2.5TDI I have done a search, some say 017, others say 019 Just curious as to what I should get and do people have a brand preference Just done a quick search by vehicle on a site and got THIS thanks in...
  8. 1999 T4 2.5TDi 102bhp SWB – SPARES or REPAIR – Open to offers

    Vans For Sale
    Yellow ex-AA van with side windows. 182,672 miles. Located near Knighton on the Shropshire-Welsh border. Sad to be letting this go like this, especially since has just passed its MOT (19th May 2009). Almost immediately after the MOT the Fuel Pump set up needed replacing, which was done…and then...
  9. My new bus. LWB 2.5 102 Auto Factry Hi Roof

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi all, Just bought this, a 2.5 102bhp auto factory hi roof lwb with just 36,850 miles from new! It has a fully trimmed interior,eberspacher heater, elecric rear doors! electric handbrake, sliding windows, aux battery,cd changer and curtain rails so it's more than half way to being a camper...