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  1. New T5 Members Forum
    Hi, I am adding rear seats to my panel van but would really like four seats in the back all with seat belts and two singles up front. What I was hoping to do is buy a full set of 3 front seats (double and single) from a LHD model then I can use the double for the drivers side rear and the...
  2. Vans For Sale
    Sold !! Rare t4 syncro with 4x4 in pale blue 2.4 diesel. 134,393 on the clock has 4 good tyres two are new recently had a new exhaust we've had this van for 3 years, and have replaced glow plugs, battery, horn, alternator, starter motor, for last 2 mots I replaced the rear springs...
  3. Interior
    I am looking to put a row of four seats across a Caravelle to give a six seater (front swivel seats) with a large rear space. Anybody done this? I have seen a couple of photos but apparently the VW front doubles are just a bit too wide at 34". Max width is about 62". I lookes at LDV seats which...
1-3 of 3 Results