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  1. Electrical
    I have an A-Sure RNS510 Lookalike radio that you can have if you want to come and collect it. Perfectly serviceable, all connections and Sat Nav Aerial with it, it's about 18 months/2 year old. I've replaced it and is just sat in the garage. We're in East Lancashire, PM me if you're interested.
  2. I.C.E
    Hi, I got few Sat navs which I have gathered over the time and as T5 is gone I need to get rid of. RNS310 - is brand new - 250 pounds - I actually bought it for Mrs polo... but she didnt like the car so got left with This. Comes in a box RNS510 - Used but in good working order - 300 pounds...
  3. Electrical
    Got a new RNS 510 in my 2013 T5 (tailgate). Apparently the 510 already coded for a reverse camera. Can someone advise a reversing camera please. Seems to be little on the internet about this?! Probably after one I can fit centrally in the tailgate trim drilling a hole. Thanks
  4. Electrical
    Hi I have a 2013 63 plate T28 that came with 310 radio and bluetooth factory fitted. I have just retro fitted a new RNS 510 DAB F (2015 model, HW27, SW6270). All working fine (in fact great!) other than the Voice control. The existing mic is still working fine for phone calls through bluetooth...
  5. Electrical
    Evening all First post here as new to T5 world, having bought a 60-plate kombi conversion in August and loving it so far. I took delivery of a Skoda Columbus head unit from eBay having done lots of research to be sure it's just a Skoda-labelled RNS 510. It took a tiny bit of fettling to fit...
  6. Electrical
    We've just recently had installed a RNS 510 out of a 'Toe-rag' and it's is now working brilliantly after initial CAN BUS and blutooth issues that were resolved by the guys at Hazy dayz (www.vwcruise.com). Very knowledgable and help full company, we can fully recommend them. Anyway... We are...
1-6 of 6 Results