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  1. T4 888 special. Security.

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Just picked up our new toy. One owner from new. Will be asking many questions over the next few months as we customize it for our needs. The 1st job is security, we need an alarm and immobilizer fitted. Can anyone recommend someone around the Southampton area? Oh and how do you upload photos...
  2. Audi alloy load rating

    Wheels & Tyres
    I've a set of 17" Audi alloys (8EO 601 025 AS) for my T4 888 van and I'm struggling to find out the load rating. I've tried the Felgen site, but can't see any load rating information. http://www.original-felgen.com/8e0601025as8z8.html Does anyone know where else I could look to find the load...
  3. 03 T4 888 Special White 2.4 TDI

    Vans For Sale
    03 T4 888 Special White 2.5 TDI Hi all, photos will follow shortly - waiting for it to stop raining! I'm very reluctantly selling my beloved T4. I'm partway through turning her into a camper, but money and work abroad stopped that, and now I'm off traveling and can't have my van sitting idle...
  4. Number plate and hello

    General T4 Chat
    Hello all. I am now the proud owner of a wonderful TRANSPORTER 888 SPECIAL VAN in blue ( ill get some pictures up soon ). Im also lucky enough to inherit a number plate W425 TEF (STEF) which has been valued at £600. So as im not called stef i dont want this, by coincidence my ex is called stef...
  5. Vanzee

    The Workshop
    Ok, so here is the start of my Vanzee project. First job I decided to tackle was to remove the bulkhead so I could do a proper job of sound proofing and Insulating the van. I decided to use a foil backed foam as sound insulation, and then covered that with 25 or 50mm Celotex held in place by...