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  1. AAC Engine starter motor - 2l petrol 1996 Caravelle

    Hi everyone, We needed a new starter motor for our van and I ordered one from Heritage Parts but it doesn't look like the one that we are replacing. Does anyone know what we should do? I thought it was quite a simple switch but there are different places saying which one is correct. The...
  2. 2.0 AAC head/timing marks

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi there, New to the forum. Have read all the threads on the AAC engine thus far but haven't quite found the answer I need to solve the problem. My engine has water in the oil. I bought it knowing this. First suspect is a blown head gasket. Previous owner had started to strip the engine to...
  3. 2.0l t4 velle fuel pump fault

    my 93 petrol velle has killed 2 fuel pumps in quick succesion,is this bad luck on the pumps or a cause by another fault on the bus,the pumps were new aftermarket jobs,but want to find out before pump 3.its a arkward job to get at......also the fuel gauge works intermittently could be...
  4. Diff noise and leaking gearbox oil (2.0 petrol aac)

    Engine & Gearbox
    Although i don't have any problems changing gears I seem to be getting a lot of noise from my transmission :s. After getting my van up on ramps I found it seems to be the diff bearing as there is a bit of play. Also there is what I think gearbox oil leaking from the passenger side cv joint...
  5. Keep snapping auxiliary drive belts, 2L AAC Petrol.

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, I've had the van 2 years now, it's a T4 AAC petrol AutoSleeper Trophy conversion. It's hardly given me any bother at all, but it's ruthless to the auxiliary drive belt. I'm not getting a 1000 miles a belt out of them. I've had 3 in two years. It doesn't matter how I tension them they...
  6. T4 petrol distributor types

    Hi I am looking to buy a beru distributor cap for my 1997 T4 AAC petrol bus. GSF have two offerings for my bus on fleabay (see auctions 380447329041, 280722781368). They are both quoted as being for my bus but one has a shroud and one doesn't. Can anyone tell me what the shroud does (the shroud...
  7. Lambda (O2 Sensor) & ECU . 2.0l AAC

    Hi, I'm really a bit stuck with my old bus. It's a 2.0l AAC Petrol and has just failed it's MOT on CO emissions. Was told that the most likely fault would be the Lambda (Heated O2 Sensor), anyway I thought easy fix... BUT... It's not connected to anything... It has 3 wire, White, which I...
  8. T4 GTI BUILD....advice please

    Engine & Gearbox
    hi all hows it goin so had my t4 with a 2L aac petrol in for a little while now, as well as a 2E GTI lump out of a vento, the plan is to put the 2e in the van, its just meant to be really. T: now looking at it, it seems to be a fairly straight swap......asthe engines lean different ways i...
  9. 2.0 aac supercharged

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, time to give the van some more beans....running standard AAC 8V but would love more power? was thinking of a 2E conversion out of a mk3 gti as it seems the easiest/cheapest option for the best power gains and dont really know of any nasty suprises i might find....any info? given the...
  10. Van Finally Finished....Winner!

    Team White
    Check out our van and let us know what you think.... Complete conversion from start to finish with all work done by myself. There is literally nothing we havent done to this van, from the engine to the wipers :) Shes a 1999 2.0Litre AAC Petrol with 175k on the clock. BEFORE AFTER 2...
  11. 2.0 Petrol Exhaust Manifold 1991 AAC

    Hey guys, if you or someone you know has one of these early T4 manifolds knocking around give us a shout on [email protected] Ta Pie
  12. 2.0l AAC Petrol - ISV Question

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, Sorry if this has been covered before, but I've not found many references in the archive. Is there a concensus of opinion as to whether or not to remove the Idle Stablisation Valve on the AAC engine? A lot of the Golf GTI boys seem to take it off and say it actually improves things. As an...