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  1. Engine & Gearbox
    Right, my ex AA has a rattly gearbox - local VW mechanic reckons it's the layshaft knocking, as it only rattles at idle. Bring the revs up a bit and it stops, and I can't hear it when driving. I'm not too worried about it at present, it's probably a present from the AA, leaving the van idling...
  2. Wanted
    Yes folks, I took my armrest apart today, armed with a bluebird customs repair bracket. Only to find the armrest itself is biffed as well! The adjuster won't turn, there is a lot of broken black plastic visible in the hole and the spigot can rotate all the way round. Time for a new one then...
  3. Wanted
    As above, I need the plastic trim panels from a caravelle triple rear seat. Cheers Dick
  4. Swap Shop
    Just testing the water to see if anyone is interested in swapping rear doors? Never done this before so logistics of swap good be tricky. I have an Ex AA, 1999. Both yellow (as if you didnt know) and glazed. Decent condition but have the 2 connector thingys on them and a slight dent, one side...
1-4 of 4 Results