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  3. Midsummer Madness offers

    Some clearance stuff over at OLPRO including a £15 windbreak and £16 Melamine Set! Pop over and take a peek. ;)
  4. Which online retailers?

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    I'm new to the T5 world and would love to hear about your recommended online retailers for parts and accessories. There seems to be a baffling array with wildly varying prices, so would be good to have a short list T: Who do you use?
  5. Detachable canopy for awning rail?

    General Van Chat
    Hi, just wondering if anybody knows of any simple detachable canopies that are available to slide into a remo awning rail on the side of a LWB T5? Thanks in advance!
  6. JK's Winter Rebate is back!

    Just Kampers
    Hi All, I just wanted to let you know that JK's Winter Rebate is now Live :cool: This means that the more you spend on parts and accessories for your T4 or T5 with JK, the more money we'll give you back T: Here's a link with some more information...
  7. Difference between T5 models T28, T30, T32

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hiya folks, I'm thinking of buying myself a T5 to convert. Can anyone help with the different models T28s, T30s, T32s etc? Are there different trim levels and accessory packs etc I need to be aware of? Ideally I'm hoping to get a 174bhp panel van (with or without side window) and...
  8. Stebel Nautilus horn - how to fit?

    General Van Chat
    Hi all. Just bought a Stebel Nautilus all in one twin tone horn from Halfrauds. How do you fit these things? It seems to have a weird housing as part of the casting, which has a hex shape cast inside the square block. This appears to be shaped to directly fit the bolt/nut that comes with it...
  9. Zillka-Mobile

    www.zillka-mobile.de Makers of furniture for Multivans, among other things
  10. Polyskay

    www.polyskay.de some interesting work here - deep side windows, etc, etc
  11. VW Bus eshop

    Part Suppliers
  12. Brandrup

    Part Suppliers
    www.brandrup.de An alternative to the usual Reimo goodies, including awning rails and replacement seat covers in T5 Art Grey fabric...
  13. T5 Camper Conversion Links

    UK Sites Amdro - www.amdro.co.uk Auto Sleepers - www.auto-sleepers.co.uk Aztec Motor Homes - www.azteccampers.co.uk Bilbos - www.bilbos.com Country Campers - www.countrycampers.co.uk Danbury - www.danburymotorcaravans.com Devon - www.devonconversions.com Drivelodge - www.drivelodge.co.uk...
  14. Votex OE Accessories

    Part Suppliers
    www.Volkswagen-Zubehoer.de They have an E-shop
  15. T4 Camper Conversion Links

    Manufacturers Please note that the following web links will generally show current material, which may not even be relevent to the T5, Caddy or Crafter (!), but they may be worth contacting if you have issues with your conversion... UK Links Auto Sleepers - www.auto-sleepers.co.uk Auto...
  16. New Tailgate awning from Outdoor Revolution

    The Pub
    Just spotted a new awning from Outdoor Revolution called the Nomad Uno. Instead of attaching to the side of the van, it sits at the rear and overlaps with the tailgate. Maybe not as useful as extra space to the van (if you've got the stndard side door layout) but just reverse up to it and...
  17. T4 toys???

    General Van Chat
    I am looking for some styling toys for my short nose T4, things like smoked/angel eye headlights, chrome grill, bull bars etc... Any ideas of websites or good companies as i am fed up with dealing with cowboys.:ILU:
  18. Westfalia eshop

    Part Suppliers
    http://eshop.westfalia-van.de/ In English and German... You may need your van's Westfalia ID to order VW T4 Westie accessories (spare parts through the dealer's only I'm afraid)... Alternative sources of Westfalia California parts are: www.brandrup.de www.vwbusshop.de
  19. Vanstyle / Palm Automotive:

    Part Suppliers
    Vanstyle / Palm Automotive: Description: VW Transporter and Caravelle Accessories at Vanstyle - for: A range of Side Bars & A Bars, Wheels, Tyres, Wind Deflectors, Sunvisors Dash Kits. http://www.palmautomotive.co.uk/acatalog/Volkswagen_VW_Transporter_T4_Van_Side_and_Rear_Styling.html
  20. How to fit air horns - advice please

    Hello Folks I tried to fit a pair of air horns with a leccy compressor that I got yesterday as an impulse buy while in Halfords. The instructions are in Swahili and I've managed to blow two fuses and only get one horn to work. They came with a + and - terminal on the compressor and a small 5...