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  1. Roadhawk cameras - making me slow down!!!

    Hi all. This is a Roadhawk HD system hard wired into a T5. I've had this fitted for 3 or 4 days and I can assure you it changes your driving. Because you have a camera there you automatically slow down to the speed limit (well I have been I:). It takes less than an hour to install and there...
  2. Can anyone help save our journey?

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hello everyone, I just joined the forum for this post, as I don't live in the UK. We are devastated! Me and my wife are at the moment 6 weels into our 6+ month journey around europe in our Carthago Malibu 28.1 T4 campervan (2.5 TDI, built December 2000, 125k miles), and today it looks as...
  3. Garage negligence and a wheel flying past my bonnet!

    General T4 Chat
    So today I picked up my T4 from a reputable independant garage in Bristol. The N/S/F ball joint and bushes needed replacing and I asked them to fit a pair of sidebars as well. After paying and driving to Zmoks to get some electrics looked at (about 5 miles)we noticed that the side bar didn't...
  4. Witnesses Please M5!!!!!

    General T4 Chat
    Nearly had a serious accident yesterday if anybody can help i would be really greatfull. I was travelling southbound on the M5 between Bridgwater Jct 24 and Taunton Jct 25 in a green P reg Ford Galaxy at 4.30 - 4.45 yesterday. I was in the outside lane when a white Mercedes Vito 08-09 plate came...