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  1. European and Foreign Travel
    can i get some recommendations . were going on friday and the wife is going to murder me as i aint got any in place yet!!!:eek::eek::eek::eek:
  2. Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    My T4 Caravelle is now over 16 years old and my current Breakdown Cover, Quotelinedirect http://www.quotelinedirect.co.uk/breakdown/?INRN won't cover it any more. It seems that quite a lot of Breakdown Cover insurers have a breakpoint at 16 years. I (ideally) want European Cover as well, so...
  3. General T4 Chat
    Probably been asked many times but as a relative newbie, any suggestions for a good reliable breakdown organisation for Germany/Austria??
  4. Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    Hi All, What's the crack with breakdown cover? I've just had my AA renewal through - £255.96! This is joint cover for me and the Mrs, home start, national breakdown blah blah. We've been with them 10 years but every year the renewal notice goes up £20+ even though we've not had to call them for...
  5. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Could anyone recommend a company that provides breakdown cover for a single trip in Europe. I need it for my 1995 reg T4 camper and it seems a lot of companies will not cover it as it is too old. I have also found that some companies will not offer standalone breakdown cover. Any advice would be...
  6. General T4 Chat
    has anyone got a copy in ENGLISH otf the small print too the adac breakdown (EUROPE) im at work so cant ring them i did also email them a few days ago but with no reply. thanks simon
  7. General T4 Chat
    Hi all, Off to Portugal in the van next Wednesday for a month of sun and kitesurfing (whoop, whoop! :D) and looking for short-term European breakdown cover for the trip. Already have UK breakdown cover with Green Flag but they won't cover a van abroad...:confused: Any recommendation gratefully...
  8. General T4 Chat
    Off to france in a couple of weeks, just for a week, 7 of us in the velle. Been looking at various policies, some wont cover 7 people etc..who have you used or who would you recommend. ...want the best possible as I dont want to be stuck by the roadside or not able to get the van back to the...
  9. European and Foreign Travel
    What does everyone do for breakdown cover? We're off to France this year and being members of the RAC I thought I would get a quote from them, came back at £125. Seems a bit steep for just over 2 weeks (although it does cover us for repatriation if it couldn't be fixed, with excess of £250) but...
  10. General T4 Chat
    yo guys and gals, Im looking to head over to europe in my van, planning on doing about a year on the road, buuuuuut, i cant find an insurance company that will insure me for more than 6 moths across europe on a uk policy. do i need special european insurance policy from a specialist insurer...
  11. General T5 Chat
    Hi all, any reccomendations on some breakdown cover for the van and the wifes car. Our usage is going up sp thought it about time I looked into it just incase it ever happens. Thanks in advance. T:
  12. General T5 Chat
    Hi Guys and Girls, As per title, who's your European breakdown cover with and how much? My UK cover is with the AA and they quoted me £189, which after umming a little they brought down to £168 which seemed more reasonable - whilst I appreciate recovery costs would be much more costly...
  13. European and Foreign Travel
    I'm about to head off to France for the easter break and as usuall thought I better give the AA a call to arrange some european breakdown cover. Whilst on the phone I found out my AA annual UK cover was about to expire so got quotes for both. AA UK cover for me and the wife £100 (haggled them...
1-13 of 13 Results