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  1. VW T5.1 LWB Camper with SWB Conversion + Storage

    Vans For Sale
    VW T5.1 LWB Camper with SWB Conversion + Storage **SOLD** Welcome to the sale of this custom VW Transporter campervan. We have a unique design of a short wheel base conversion inside a long wheel base van, leaving you a huge storage area at the rear without compromising the luxury camper...
  2. Quit the full-time job to have adventures !

    European and Foreign Travel
    I decided I had had enough of the 40 yr plan of working full time, being only able to grasp a few weeks here and there where I felt I was actually living. So the end of August last year (2015) was my last shift before a 2 month adventure around Europe in my T4 coach built Campervan (Merlin). I...
  3. Europe 2015. Destination slovenia.

    European and Foreign Travel
    Europe 2015. Destination slovenia. DONE Good Morning all So its time to get planning for my trip this year. Me and my fair lady have decided to road trip around Europe for a month. We've done various weeks around the west country, Yorkshire dales, black pool, so we're fairly accustom to the...
  4. 4 month Europe trip buddy?!

    European and Foreign Travel
    I have been planning on travelling Europe in my t4 campervan for quite a long time. I planned to go in June 2014 for four months, but my travel buddy has recently backed out. I am just wondering if there are any kind of organised drives around Europe, or if anyone is interested. The trip I...
  5. Coasteering....Have you heard of it..?

    The Pub
    Having just started a partnership specialising in Coasteering we are noticing that not many people have heard of it. Wetsuit up, whack on a helmet and buoyancy aid, throw on an old pair of trainers, listen to the instructor's safety brief then your off.... Adventure swim, cliff jump, rock hop...
  6. Planning a trip to Austria help needed please!

    European and Foreign Travel
    Just a few Q's i need answering please. What £ is diesel in Europe (roughly ie cheaper/deerer/the same)? What is the average price for a nights camping? Can you wild camp anywhere in Europe? Do you have to pre book sites or can you just turn up? Anything else i need to sort out before i go...