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  1. 2013 T5.1 Aftermarket Stereo Advice

    Hi guys, Its been a while but im back with a 2013 T5.1 which I love. Its a blank canvas at the moment and plenty to be done but first things first, a new aftermarket stereo and reversing camera. Options, currently looking at these...
  2. XTRONS PF73MTV aftermarket stereo nightmare!

    Hi all, I've been a forum lurker for 's while now and after much research and advice decided to go for the XTRONS PF73MTV radio for our T5.1. All great until we were driving a 300ml trip when the electric light came on followed by the engine and now filter light and finally kicked into safe...
  3. Air con unit on a T5

    T5 Conversions
    Hi has anyone fitted and after market air con unit on a T5 conversion... Planning to do a few summers in Europe so think we'll probably need to fit an air con unit, but can't find many options...
  4. Aftermarket Temperature Gauge

    Right then, Im going to fit an aftermarket temperature gauge. I really like the nice light up green ones off ebay but i guess id be better getting the proper VDO one. Just Kampers sell one for £35...
  5. aftermarket guages

    Has anyone fitted aftermarket fuel and temperature gauges to a T4, more specifically the 2.4d. I had the usual problems which as some people know resulted it overheating and a full engine rebuild. I've since tried repairing the joints and also replaced the sensors. No joy So I replaced the...
  6. Which awning and how to connect to a T4....

    T4 Conversions
    I have searched the forums and still don't know which way to go!! Just purchased a 96 Caravelle with Reimo roof. I am used to aircooled T2's with a gutter so was confused to find no gutter on the T4. I now know the options are an aftermarket rail, screwed/stuck to the roof or using guy ropes...
  7. Site for T4/5 wiring looms

    Aftermarket wiring looms cruise, foglights, MFA's etc (link courtesy of Bangbus A:) https://www.carmediauk.com/store/Retrofit-solutions/Volkswagen/T4/